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6th FEBRUARY - 15th MARCH 2009


Ferhat Özgür – “City Notebook”

Kâzım Taşkent Art Gallery will be hosting a personal exhibition displaying the works of contemporary artist Ferhat Özgür between 6th February and 15th March. The exhibition titled “City Notebook” concentrates on the interactions between individuals and the city. These selected works consist of videos and photographs by the artist who was born in Ankara in 1965 and obtained his M.A. and Doctorate degrees from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Hacettepe. The artist, who is also a lecturer at the same university, uses many different techniques to express himself. He uses techniques such as; installations, videos, photography and painting. Some of the latest exhibitions of this multi-talented artist, who is also an accomplished exhibition producer and writer are; “Video Presentation”A3 Culture Centre Rijeka, Croatia, 2007), “Short Stories: Photographs 1890-2006”, Macy Gallery (New York, 2007), 10th International Istanbul Biennale (2007), “Turkish Realities: Positions in Contemporary Photographs from Turkey", Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, Germany (2008).

Location: Yapı Kredi Kazım Taşkent Art Gallery



An 8500 year old Geo-Archaeological cross-section of Yenikapı region of Istanbul

Archaeological and cultural remains covering an extensive stretch of history from the Ottoman era to the Neolithic period have been discovered while digging for the Istanbul underground train system in Yenikapı by Marmaray and Istanbul Metro. This excavation has not only provided a whole new page of information about the cultural history of Istanbul but it has also enabled experts to have access to the previously little known geological past of the city. The collapsed strata of historical periods have provided data regarding the last 1000 years of Istanbul’s geological past. The fact that archaeological findings accompany the geological findings on all layers means that many stages of history are now able to be dated with precision. The details of natural surroundings that existed during the rule of many different cultural communities and the sequence of changes that took place in nature within time has also been examined with precision due to the availability of these rare findings. This lecture will detail the results of the synergy created by finding geological, cultural and archaeological remains in the same location.

Moderator: Gül Pulhan

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. M. Namık Yalçın

(Istanbul University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Geological Engineering)

Locatioan: Yapı Kredi Culture Center, Sermet Çifter Hall at 6.30 p.m.

13th February – 14th March 2009


Bruno Barbey “The Italians”

Yapı Kredi Culture Centre’s Sermet Çifter Hall will be hosting “The Italians” exhibition, a collection of photographic works by the world renowned photographer Bruno Barbey of Magnum Photos. Bruno Barbey, who stated that “Photography is the only language that is understood throughout the world,” will be showing the selection of works he photographed in Italy during the 1960’s, for the first time in Turkey.



Switzerland Through the eyes of Uğur Kökden...

The Loner of Lake Leman consists of experimental works by Uğur Kökden, where he details the natural wealth and cultural history of Switzerland as well as the human aspect of the society and all the social activities available to its residents. Kökden takes us through Switzerland almost like a tour guide, street by street and points out cultural events by detailing these events as well as their stories of historical development. He also accentuates how Switzerland takes care of and integrates the residing foreign nationals; thus creating a unique country where everyone is a citizen of the world. The Loner of Lake Leman will enable an introduction of the unknown aspects and sides of Switzerland through the recounted tales of Uğur Kökden. This evening, which will offer stories full of surprises, awaits the attendance of enthusiasts.



Photographs of the Globe

The Photography Club, which is organized by Merih Akoğul, will be hosting photographer and writer Özcan Yurdalan this month. Yurdalan’s trips around the globe ranging from Tunisia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and China, his photographic safaris and published works will be among the experiences and accomplishments this highly respected photographer will share with listeners during the event. As a founding member of AFSAD and the Photography Foundation, Özcan Yurdalan will be sharing his accumulated experiences in photographic fields with enthusiasts during this lecture.

Moderator: Merik Akoğu

Speaker: Özcan Yurdalan

Location and time: Yapı Kredi Sermet Çifter Hall, at 6.30 p.m.



The lands we hail from

This discussion intends to map out the coordinates of Mahir Öztaş’s newly released novel “The Lands we hail from”...

This events aims at evaluating the book’s main themes and subsidiary subjects that revolve around the main issues, as well as enabling the author to be “cross-examined” in the same manner. The event will be of special value to Mahir Öztaş fans and the readers of his last novel.

Moderator: Murat Yalçın

Speakers: Mahir Öztaş, İbrahim Yıldırım, Metin Celal

Location and time: Yapı Kredi Sermet Çifter Hall, at 6.30 p.m.



The book on the 2nd Constitutional Monarchy Period is discussed

Yapı Kredi Publications has been able to publish an extensively detailed book, in collaboration with Aygaz, the sponsoring company, to mark the commemoration the 100th year of the Second Constitutional Period titled “The First year of the Second Constitutional Monarchy”. This book covers the events which took place from the declaration of the Second Constitutional Monarchy on 23 July 1908 until its first anniversary on 23rd July 1909. Extensive archive and press research was carried out in the preparation of this work and includes articles recounting events of the period written presently, based on the factual documentation recovered from the era. The book also includes many articles, news clippings and anecdotes published in the newspapers and magazines of the period, which provide the reader with a realistic conceptualization of life during that time.

Prof. Mete Tunçay and Cemil Koçak will be discussing the book in detail and share their views and knowledge with participating enthusiasts.

Speakers: Mete Tunçay, Cemil Koçak

Time and Location: Yapı Kredi

Sermet Çifter Hall, at 6.30 p.m.



Journey into the land of lost things...

This is the first book of Ege Erim and has been published as a part of the children’s series of books by Doğan Kardeş Publicaitons. Can, a young boy, discovers how to travel to the Land of Lost Things and after recovering from the shock of this newly found ability he is able to relocate all his lost toys and his friend’s lost cat. He is now a hero! Yet, when he attempts to recover the lost memory of his grandfather he comes across feelings he has never known before. Children attending this event will meet the General Manager of Gelişim Atelöyesi (Development Workshop) Özlem Seller. We will be glad to have children of 5 and above with accompanying guardian, as well as adults for this reading hour.

Reader: Özlem Seller

Location and time: Sermer Çifter Hall, at

12.00 a.m.



Bruno Barbey and “The Italians”

One of the most important photographers of Magnum Photos, Bruno Barbey, is at Sermer Çifter Hall with his exhibition “The Italians”. Haluk Çobanoğlu and Merih Akoğul will be evaluating his recent exhibition “The Italians” as well as a selection of Barbey’s other works during this discussion of photography.

Speakers: Merih Akoğul, Haluk Çobanoğlu

Location and time: Yapı Kredi Sermet

Çifter Hall at6.30 p.m.



Two Authors talk about their first books 5

Two prominent literary names meet: They will discuss their first books as authors who are from different generations and produce works in very different styles. This fifth event of the literary lecture series brings together Özen Yula and Alper Canıgüz who will share their personal literary journeys and compare the differences between their respective periods of production of their first works.

The first book of Özen Yula, Knowledge from the Other World (Öbür Dünya Bilgisi) was published in 1993, while the first book of Alper Canıgüz, Sweet Dreams (Tatlı Rüyalar) was printed in 2000.

Speakers: Özen Yula, Alper


Location and time: Yapı Kredi

Sermet Çifter Hall, at 6.30 p.m.


CHILDREN’S WORKSHOP - Reading Workshop through the use of Creative Drama

My Home of Books, Play with Books

Çocuklarla kitapları hem okuyor hem oynuyoruz. Yaratıcı dramanın zengin olanaklarıyla çocuklar kitabın içinde geziyor, eğleniyor, okuyor, anlıyor ve onu farklı şekillerde yeniden yorumluyorlar. Bu etkinlikteki kitabımız usta yazar Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca'nın baldan tatlı yapıtı "Yazıları Seven Ayı" 8-10 yaş arası çocuklarımızı harflerin peşine düşmeye, oynayarak okumaya, kitapevinde kitap okumanın tadını çıkarmaya çağırıyoruz. Etkinliğimiz 18 çocuk ile sınırlıdır. Etkinliğe katılacak olan çocuklar isterlerse kitaplarını yanlarında getirebilir.

Directed By: Cenet Türker, Nihat Güneş Event is limited to 18 children
Location and Time: Sermer Çifter Hall, at (8-10 years old)
12.00 p.m. Please make a booking in advance
(212) 252 47 00/503