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Limitless Banking Corners

Limitless Banking Corners are now available at every branch. Perform all your banking transactions easily and securely, without ever having to wait in line.

You may now do all of your banking transactions at our Limitless Banking Corners and never have to wait in line. It's easy and secure. And it's free*. To perform your banking transactions, simply use Internet Banking through the secure PC's in our Internet kiosks or Telephone Banking through the Interactive Voice Response system in our Telephone Banking kiosks.

What services are offered?

Telephone Banking:

You may perform all of your banking transactions at our Limitless Banking Corners through Telephone Banking. Simply enter your customer number and Telephone Banking password to perform banking transactions, and your credit card number to access information on your credit card. If you don't have a Telephone Banking password, get one instantly at any of our ATMs by simply using your bank card or credit card or visit any of our branches.

Exclusive Telephone Banking Menu for our Limitless Banking Corners

  • 9 For English
  • 0 Lost or Stolen Card
  • 1 Credit Cards
    • 1.1 Inquiries on credit card balance, payments, statement date, previous balance
    • 1.2 Current balance
    • 1.3 Credit card limit
  • 2 Banking Transactions
    • 2.1 Current accounts
    • 2.2 Funds
    • 2.4 Repos, bonds
    • 2.6 Deposit accounts
      • 2.6.1 Information on deposit accounts
      • 2.6.1 To open a deposit account
    • 3 Password Transactions
    • 4 Other Transactions
      • 4.1 Main menu for Telephone Banking
      • 4.2 To speak to a customer service representative

Internet Banking Services

Access Internet Banking through our Internet kiosks located at our Limitless Banking Corners to perform all of your banking transactions. With a completely secure connection, just enter your user code and password. If you don't have an Internet Banking password, get one instantly with your bank card or credit card by accessing the Passwords menu at www.yapikredi.com.tr or simply go to any of our ATMs or branches. You may also review your current statements or find out more about our products and services by visiting us at www.yapikredi.com.tr.

* At Limitless Banking Corners, no fees apply except for Telephone and Internet Banking transactions.