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In addition to flexible access to whatever services you need, anytime or anywhere, Telephone Banking also offers great price advantages.


  • Buying or Selling Mutual Funds (Type A and B)
  • BStock Transactions
  • BTransactions of Time Deposit Accounts
  • BBuying or Selling Foreign Currency
  • BCross Exchange Transactions
  • BTreasury Bills, Government Bonds, and Repos Transactions
  • BParticipation in Treasury Tenders
  • BFX Treasury Bill / Government bond Transactions

Credit Cards and Bank Cards

  • Credit Card Payments
  • Creating Credit Card and Bank Card Passwords
  • Lost or Stolen Card Notifications and Renewal Transactions
  • Defining Current Accounts for Credit Cards and Bank Cards
  • Bank Card Renewal
  • Activating or Deactivating Supplementary Cards for Worldpoint Use
  • Change Statement Dates
  • Send Statements via E-mail and Fax
  • Additional Services, i.e., Credit Card Information, Updating Transactions

Money Transfers

  • MoneyGrams (Foreign Exchange Transfer)
  • EFT to Name, Account or Credit Card
  • Scheduled EFT
  • Remittance between Your Accounts or Other Accounts
  • Remittance to Name

Other Banking Transactions

  • Open Current Account
  • Automatic Payment Order or Cancellation
  • Apply for Working Account
  • Information on All Services


  • Yapi Kredi Bank Credit Card Payments
  • HSBC Advantage Card Payments
  • Koç Finans Smart Card Payments
  • Koç Finans Loan Instalment Payments
  • Koç Fiat Loan Instalment Payments
  • Turkcell, Avea Payments
  • DIGITURK Payments
  • Electricity, Water, Gas Payments
  • KabloNet Payments
  • Motor Vehicle Tax and Traffic Fine Payments
  • University Payments
  • Disaster Insurance (DASK)
  • YKB Loan Payments (Personal, Housing, Vehicle, etc.)
  • Social Security Payments