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OTP SMS is a system that sends one time password to your mobile phone for your all transaction approvals and Internet Banking login.

What is OTP SMS?

"OTP SMS" which is one of the Smart Pin family, is a system to send to your mobile phone a "one time password" for your all money transfer and payment operations and Internet Banking login.

You or any other person can't use for a second time these five digit one time passwords generated by OTP SMS.

In Which Operations Is The OTP SMS Used?

You can use the OTP SMS for the following operations:

  1. Internet Banking Logins
  2. Transaction Approvals
  • EFT / Regular EFT
  • Payment of other banks' credit cards
  • Payment of Worldcards in the name of others
  • Payment of our bank's credit cards in the name of others,
  • Money transfer to other accounts / future date money transfers
  • Regular money transfer
  • Moneygram
  • Virtual Card limit change
  • Security Settings
  • Credit to Hazir Kart

OTP SMS Free-Of-Charge!

You don't have to pay any charges for the OTP SMS. Transmission fee of your one time password to your mobile phone is paid by our Bank.

Why is OTP SMS Secure?

OTP SMS provides a 2 stage security while utilizing Internet Banking. By using a one time password that is sent to your mobile phone in addition to your user ID and static password, you have a high level security.

The passwords generated by the OTP SMS are one time passwords. Meaning that the OTP SMS password you have used for one of your transactions can't be used for a second time by you or another person.

Why Is This Security System "Smart"?

You have to use an OTP SMS confirmation password only when you are making for the first time a money transfer to an account.

Once you have used the OTP SMS one time, the OTP SMS recognizes the account you are making a money transfer to and you don't have to use any more "OTP SMS confirmation password" for the money transfers you are going to make to the same account later on. You need to delete the check at the box near "Always request Smart PIN for this receiver" line.


  • It provides a two stage security for your risky operations.
  • Your password sent by the OTP SMS can be used only once. It can't be used again even if it is obtained by others.
  • You don't have to remember an additional password for extra security.
  • You can have the extra security as free-of-charge.
  • You can begin using it immediately upon your application

What is Smart Pin Defined Users List ?

Defined recipients that you have realized a cash outflow transaction and approved with Smart Pin.

Smart Pin approval won't be asked in the transaction approval screen for the transactions realized to these recipients again.

If you would like Smart Pin approval to be asked in your each transaction for a certain recipient taking place in your Smart Pin Defined Users list, it will be enough for you to select the related recipient and click "Delete". Smart Pin Approval Password will be asked for the deleted user in your following transactions.

Smart Pin Defined Users List exists in four different categories for four different transaction types:

  • Remittance
  • EFT
  • Worldcard Payment
  • Top up online

A change that is realized under a certain category does not affect other categories.

If you like a recipient, that you are realizing a transaction for the first time, to be added to your Smart Pin Defined Users List, you can uncheck the "Request Smart Pin for this user in each transaction" box taking place at the left of Smart Pin Approval Password field in the transaction approval screen. The recipients that you have realized a transaction for the first time and checked this box won't take place in your Smart Pin Defined Users List and Smart Pin approval will be asked in the following transactions to these recipients.

Apply to the OTP SMS, Begin Using it Immediately

The only thing you have to do in order to begin using immediately the "OTP SMS" is to select the step "OTP SMS" from the Yapi Kredi Internet Banking "Security Settings/One Time Password" menu.

In case your mobile phone number is not up to date or wrong

You can change your OTP SMS number via Yapı Kredi Internet Banking without the need of calling Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking. If the phone number you want to define as your Smart SMS number is registered in our bank, your change will instantly be valid. If the phone number you want to define as your Smart SMS number is not registered in our bank, you can change your OTP SMS number from Yapı Kredi ATMs with your debit card or Yapı Kredi credit card by the password which will be sent to your old phone number.

You can change your Smart SMS number from Security Settings / One Time Password / OTP SMS / OTP SMS number change option.