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Commissions and Fees

Transaction Detail Corporate
EFT/EFT to Name/Scheduled EFT From Account 10 TL
EFT / EFT to Name From Credit Card 10 TL + Amount x 3% + Interest (min 3 TL)
Remittance/Remittance to Name/Scheduled Remittance From Account 3 TL
Remittance/Remittance to Name From Credit Card 3 TL + Amount x 3% + interest (min 3 TL)
Yapi Kredi Worldcard Payments Free
Bill Payments From Account Free
Bill Payments From Credit Card 0.50 TL for 0 – 50 TL amounts
1 TL for 50.01-100 TL Amounts
1.30% for 100.01 TL and above
Credit Card Cash Advance Between Accounts Amount x 3% + Interest (min 3 TL)
Buying and Selling Stock 2 per thousand + BITT ( BSMV )
Regular EFT Payments From Account 1.25 TL
Regular Remittance Payments From Account Free
Social Security (SSK) Payment Free
Social Security ( BAGKUR ) Payment Free
Tax Payments Free

All the other transactions are free.