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Macroeconomic Research

Provides macroeconomic forecasts for Koc Financial Services, engages in economic research of high caliber and distributes these to a large reader base so as to create the maximum recognition possible for the Yapi Kredi brand.

YK Occasional Macro Notes

Occasional Macro Notes are non-periodic publications on various research subjects prepared by Yapi Kredi Economic Research. Main objectives are; to propose new approaches, to provide different perspectives and/or to conduct supplementary analyses regarding the economic/financial issues. While the scope of analyses is limited compared to that of an average discussion paper, exploratory aspects are in the forefront.

Macro Briefs

Macro Briefs prepared by the Yapi Kredi Economic Research are short assesment pieces published upon announcement of basic macroeconomic indicators providing necessary details and possible trends in those indicators in a nutshell.

Group CEE Occasional Report

Central and Eastern Europe focused reports on various subjects concerning economic and financial environment, prepared by UCI New Europe Research Network