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Corporate Social Responsibility

Yapı Kredi consistently endeavours to fulfill its obligations in fostering society’s continuous development by financially supporting and providing volunteers to accomplish Corporate Social Responsibility projects: primarily for education, the environment, culture and the arts.

Latest News on our Projects

Children take over the stage from renowned actors, for the 'I Read, I Play' Project

Yapı Kredi and Turkey Educational Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) has embarked upon a special event as part of the 'I Read, I Play’ project, which was launched in 2006 by the two institutions. Under the tutelage of a number of famous actors, children performed plays based on principles set out in the 'UN Convention on the Rights of the Child' at 12 TEGV Education Parks located in 11 Turkish provinces. The final play, written by Ömer Ceylan and Selcen Ergun, with a musical score composed by Tuluğ Tırpan, combined all 12 of the principles proclaimed under the 'UN Convention on the Rights of the Child'. The performance was staged on Saturday June 4th, 2011 at the Grand Cevahir Hotel in Istanbul.

Altunbaş had won the gold medal in his age group in the 6th International Meis Island - Kaş Swimming and Kayak and Towing Competition during a previous event he competed and swam from the Greek Island Meis to Antalya Kaş.

In attendance at the gala were Tayfun Bayazıt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yapı Kredi, Oktay Özinci, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TEGV, Nurdan Şahin, General Director of TEGV and the actors who had participated in the project as trainers - Ayça Varlıer, Altan Gördüm, Bahtiyar Engin, Büşra Pekin, Cem Davran, Deniz Çakır, Devin Özgür Çınar, Dolunay Soysert, Ezgi Mola, Gürgen Öz, Mert Fırat, Saadet Işıl Aksoy, Serkan Altunorak, Şebnem Bozoklu, Yiğit Özşener and Zeynep Alkaya.

In a speech given at the outset of the final performance, Tayfun Bayazıt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yapı Kredi, indicated that the 'I Read, I Play' project launched in 2006 had touched the lives of 63,000 youngsters in its three years of existence. This number is 35 percent higher than the target which had been set at the beginning of the project. Bayazıt announced that, based on its success, the project will be extended until the end of 2012. In his remarks, he stated, "As of today, 79 thousand children have benefited from the reading and acting activities associated with the project. We are proud of this success. This figure also indicates that it is likely that the target that we have set for 100,000 children to become involved in the project before the end of 2012 will be achieved.... I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the TEGV executive, the generous contributors to the project, and the actors who so graciously volunteered their time to take help with this project. The unselfish sharing of their knowledge and their enthusiasm has helped us to take a step towards a more modern Turkey."

6,000,000 Schoolchildren have reaped the benefits of the Infinite Blue Project

The second phase of the "Infinite Blue" project which was initiated 5 years ago by Yapı Kredi and TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association), in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, was launched at a ceremony held in Istanbul’s Mecidiyeköy Mecidiye Elementary School. Among the dignitaries and guests in attendance was the Minister of National Education, Nimet Çubukçu.

The purpose of the "Infinite Blue" project is to raise children’s awareness of environmental issues such as the pollution of the sea and the preservation of the country’s natural treasures. In doing so, it is hoped that the 6 million primary and secondary school children who have taken part in the project will become environmental spokespersons for these causes. Yapı Kredi and TURMEPA anticipate that 6.6 million schoolchildren will have taken part in the project by the end of the year. The training program, which was prepared by academicians, features a booklet of guidelines for trainers and trainees, adapted for children of various ages and different grade levels.

The opening of a related website was announced at the ceremony attended by Minister of National Education, Nimet Çubukçu. The website is for use by primary and high school age students, education professionals and the entire nation. By providing direct online access to the training booklets, the website, www.sinirsizmavi.com, allows visitors to share lessons about marine environment and to increase their awareness of marine pollution. The colorfully designed website has enjoyable educational games and trivia contests for school children, as well as segments detailing such topics as marine pollution and marine life.

Number of Enabled ATMs is Increasing Rapidly

Yapı Kredi is rapidly increasing the number of its ATMs designed for use by the visually impaired. Since the first such Enabled ATM was put into service at the Istanbul Kadıköy Branch, the bank’s network of such ATMs has been rapidly expanding. Most recently, Enabled ATMs have been installed in Ordu, Tekirdağ and Bursa, where existing ATMs were adjusted so they could be used by visually impaired individuals. Enabled ATMs make it easy for visually impaired individuals to access ATM banking services with their bank cards. Whether the individuals who use the ATMs are Yapı Kredi customers or not, they can withdraw cash or review account balances.

Emphasizing the significance of Yapı Kredi being the first financial institution in Turkey to develop banking services specifically made for easy access, Yakup Doğan, Assistant General Manager for Yapı Kredi Alternative Distribution Channels indicated that the bank will continue to take on more responsibilities, to encourage and support people living with disabilities and to help them to overcome challenges that may keep them from participating in many daily activities.

The Enabled ATMs were developed, based on guidance received from the Six Dots Foundation. In response to the expectations, needs and difficulties that the visually impaired face, an even wider range of improved services is expected to be implemented in the near future.