We Are Here For You

Customer Satisfaction Approach

As Yapı Kredi Bank, we believethat sustainable financial success is only attainable by achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Hence we try to improve our services continously in order to make Yapı Kredi the first choice of our customers and employees.

Yapı Kredi Bank employees;

  • Know that, their existence in this Bank is for and dependent on customers.
  • Know that customers’ want to feel valued
  • Tries to understand customers’ needs and expectations.
  • Are always willing to listen to customers, show interest and provide support to solve customers problems.
  • Take great care to inform customers explicitly and timely. Tries to communicate in a clear and comprehensible manner.
  • Explain the decisions of the Bank including the rationale behind them.
  • Only give promises that they can keep and communicate frankly with the clients.
  • Serves the clients always keeping in mind the “confidentiality of customer information”.
  • Aim to build long term, fair and mutually beneficial relationship with customers.
  • Aims to provide high quality service not only during the initial sales of products/services but also throughout the relationship.