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I Read I Play

As Yapı Kredi, since 2006, we have been supporting “I read, I play” educational program co-organized with TEGV (Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey) in order to ensure that children, who does not have access to contemporary education, can freely express themselves in every setting in written and verbal manner, comprehend and interpret what they read and listen, develop reading habits and enjoy extensive vocabulary knowledge.

I read, I play program is applied in two modules: Creative Reading and Creative Writing. Creative Reading aims to develop children’s creative thinking, listening and reading abilities. Creative Writing intends to gain children the enthusiasm of writing and to encourage them to take their first steps towards creating a writing culture.

The activities of this project, realized in line with Yapı Kredi’s objective of contributing to education, are carried out by over 6,000 volunteers at activity points of TEGV across Turkey. A room named Reading Island, located at learning facilities and education parks, has been re-decorated to fit the content of the project.

In the scope of Social Responsibility Project, we reached more than 184 thousand children by the end of January 2018.

For more details: www.tegv.org