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World Mobile

Our mobile banking applications interact with your device's core functions to provide you easy and comfortable service. When you download our applications, you are kindly asked to accept permissions.

Here is what these permissions include:


Required Permission Reason
Bluetooth Access / Connection Permission Required to allow the beacon function operations.
ID Required to be able to receive instant notifications.
Location Required to display nearest shopping spots and stores.
Photo / Media / File Required to display shopping spots and stores on map.
WIFI Connection Information Required for the location services to work efficiently.
Device ID and Call Information Required to display favorite selections
Start-up Required to launch Geofence and Beacon services when the phone is switched on.
Prevent the phone from entering sleep mode Required to display instant notifications.
Internet access Required to allow application connection to Internet and work.
Receiving and Reading SMS Required to read the Smart OTP content and login easily to the application.
NFC Usage Required for NFC operations used during mobile payment.
Enabling Application Calculation When Screen Is Locked Required to enable the mobile payment function when the screen is locked.


Required Permission Reason
Locations Required to display shopping spots and stores on map.
Notifications Required to display instant notifications.