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Mobile Signature

Your wet signature is on Your Mobile with Turkcell Mobile Signature

What is Turkcell Mobile Signature?

Turkcell Mobile Signature is a service that enables you to login to Internet Banking and carry out your transactions in an electronic environment as if you had wet signature in accordance with the Electronic Signature Act No: 5070, it allows you to use your electronic signature with your mobile telephone in the same way as your handwritten signature.

Provided that the relevant institution in thaw Private or Public Sector has adopted the practice, Turkcell Mobile Signature can be applied almost anywhere like a wet signature According to the Electronic Signature Act, with the exception of procedures requiring special forms, be it a marriage or signing of a title deed, or one person providing a guarantee to another, all other forms of signatures can be electronically done.

What is a Qualified Electronic Certificate?

Qualified Electronic Certificate is your electronic identity card, which contains the signatory's data and confirms your electronically made signature, in accordance with the Electronic Signature Act No: 5070.

How much does the Turkcell Mobile Signature Service cost?

For detailed information about Mobile Signature service cost please click here

Who may apply for Turkcell Mobile Signature?

You will need to make a preliminary application through Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking before becoming a subscriber by visiting the closest Turkcell Extra.

After securing your Mobile Signature, you can start using it with our bank by completing the activation steps taking place in Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking.

How do I apply for Turkcell Mobile Signature?

In order to obtain a Turkcell Mobile Signature, you have to make a preliminary application via Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking.

For the Mobile Signature preliminary application:

  1. Login to Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking, If you did not subscribe to Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking before, you can apply via the "Password Transactions" menu with your Yapı Kredi Credit Card / Bank Card and start using our Internet Banking immediately.
  2. Click "Mobil Signature" from the "Security Settings" menu.
  3. Click the "Apply" button from the "Mobil Signature" menu.
  4. You will see your Name, Surname and Telephone Number on the screen. Please check that the data is correct and click "Confirm"

When you click "Confirm", your preliminary application will be forwarded to Turkcell. In order to obtain your new SIM card (SIMPlus128) and complete your application, you will have to apply to any Turkcell Extra with your ID card, driver's licence, passport or Solicitor ID Card within 30 days of your application.*

*SIM card changes can only be made by the registered owner of the line. If you are not the registered owner of the line, the owner must change the SIM card, give you the new SIM card, or furnish you with a Power of Attorney or accompany you during the application process in order to enable you to change the card.

How can I use my Turkcell Mobile Signature within Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking?

You can use your Turkcell Mobile Signature at Internet Banking login and for money transfer transactions within the Internet Banking. In future you will be able to use your Mobile Signature in many new transactions.

I am a Smart PIN user, can I apply for Mobile Signature?

Yes, if you are an OTP Token, OTP Mobile or OTP SMS user, you will continue to use our products with Turkcell Mobile Signature after the Turkcell Mobile Signature application and activation.

Which Telephone and GSM operators can I use Mobil Signature with?

Mobile Signature works on most of the mobile telephones that host a SIMPlus128 SIM Card with a Turkcell line.*

*According to tests carried out, only Samsung N500, R220, N620 models cannot carry out mobile signature transaction, however if the activation is carried out on another telephone, they can use mobile signatures. In addition, mobile signature does not work on Samsung i750, Nokia 6110, 5110, Motorola MPX220, Panasonic GD90 and Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910i models. With these exceptions and up to now, none of the other Turkcell registered telephone models present any problem.

If I have made my Mobile Signature preliminary application through banks other than Yapı Kredi Bank, or through a Public Notary, can I use it in Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking?

Yes you can! To use Mobile Signature in Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking, all you need to do is to activate your Mobile signature after you have entered Yapı Kredi Internet Banking.

I keep receiving the Error signal when entering/transacting in Yapı Kredi Internet Banking with my Mobile Signature. What can I do?

Your Mobile Signature will work anywhere your telephone sends/receives Turkcell SMS signals. If you are within the reception area, please switch your telephone off and on. If the problem persists, your signature message does not reach your telephone despite having signed up, and you receive an error message about your signature, please call Customer Services on 444 0 532 or 444 0 535. If the error message you receive is regarding a banking transaction, please call Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking.

Who can advise me on my problems with my Turkcell Mobile Signature?

For your Mobile Signature transactions with Yapı Kredi Retail Internet Banking, you can call Yapı Kredi Telephone banking on 444 0 444 / 0850 222 0 444 or for problems concerning Turkcell Mobile Signature you can call Turkcell Customer Services directly on 444 0 532 or 444 0 535.