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3D Secure

Your Yapı Kredi credit and debit card, offer the opportunity of secure shopping from internet with 3-Dimensional Security System!

VISA and MasterCard's internationally recognized 3-Dimensional Security System allows you to perform secure flow of information between customers, card providers, banks and workplaces which is the 3rd dimension of the world of internet shopping. The only thing you need to do for secure shopping from internet is to register into 3 Dimensional Security System with your Yapı Kredi credit and debit card.

What is 3-Dimensional Security (3D Secure) System?

Dimensional Security System is a system which provides you make secure shopping via internet. With 3-Dimensional Security System, information flow between the customer, the bank and the workplace is provided by special passwords and keys during internet shopping. The cardholder who make shopping from these workplaces where 3D secure is integrated make their process by entering their 3D password to the secure platform of the bank. You can complete your shopping securely with the Smart SMS you will receive on your phone during shopping. System will come across with the guarantees by "Verified By VISA" for VISA cards and "SecureCode" for MasterCards.

How to Register to the system?

Please click here to register or change your information in 3-Dimensional Security System.

After entering the requested information for registration, you must create your personal security message and identify your phone number information on the page you are guided. If you like, you can change your own personal message with a message you will set.

During performing your 3-Dimensional Security System membership process, you do not have to identify your all Yapı Kredi cards seperately (credit cards and debit cards). If you have another, the membership process will be deemed to be completed for your other Yapı Kredi credit cards and debit cards.

What is Smart SMS?

Smart SMS is a single used confirmation password sent to your mobile phone. Smart SMS is free of charge.

How to Make Shopping with 3-Dimensional Security System?

After the registration is completed, your personal safety message will be shown to you in your purchases via 3-Dimensional Security System. Besides, the Smart SMS which you will receive on your mobile phone that you specify during the registration will be asked by Yapı Kredi during the shopping. Verifiying your personal safety message and entering the Smart SMS password while shopping will allow you to complete your purchase with confidence.