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Corporate Telephone Banking

By Corporate Telephone Banking at 444 0 448 / 0850 222 0 448, perform all your banking transactions without going to the branch.

Corporate Telephone Banking is always ready to support you on the other side of the line. Let our customer represantatives assist you with your accounts,cards, Internet banking, and member merchants by calling us via 444 0 448 / 0850 222 0 448, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Turkey. In addition, you're always free to define your company's authorizations for your employees who access your accounts to perform your banking transactions.

What are Authorizations and Transaction Limits in Corporate Telephone Banking?

On your application form, all you have to do is give us the names of your employees authorized to access your accounts and perform transactions.

Corporate Telephone Banking is available for three types of authorizations.

Employees with strong>Full Authorization may do all the transactions they are authorized to perform.

Employees with Inquiry Authorization may only inquiry the transactions they are authorized to perform.

Employees with No Authorization are not authorized to perform selected transactions.

Simply define the authorization levels of your employees for the transactions you want them to perform. For example, a company employee may be authorized for remittance transactions, yet restricted for EFTs.

You may also select transactions such as remittances and EFTs but with limitations for the accounts your company employees are authorized to access. For example, a company employee may be limited to 50,000 TL for remittances and 30,000 TL for EFTs.

How to Apply?

To start your membership, your company representative may visit the branch which you work with the most. By Telling us the number of users, authorizations, and limits and start receiving services with Corporate Telephone Banking.

When abroad, call Corporate Telephone Banking via 90 212 444 0 448 / 0850 222 0 448