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Retail Telephone Banking

By Retail Telephone Banking at 444 0 444 / 0850 222 0 444, perform all your banking transactions without going to the branch

Retail Telephone Banking is always ready to support you on the other side of the line. Let our customer represantatives assist you with your accounts, credit cards and Internet Banking by calling us via 444 0 444 / 0850 222 0 444, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in Turkey, from a landline for a local toll charge or from your mobile phone at your GSM operator's network calling rates.

What transactions are available through Retail Telephone Banking?

Take care of all your banking needs to include credit card transactions, account summaries, EFTs, remittance, investment transactions, or buying and selling foreign currencies by speaking directly to our customer representatives.

If you're a corporate customer, simply contact our Corporate Telephone Banking at 444 0 448 / 0850 222 0 448.

How to Apply?

Immediately start receiving our Telephone Banking services by selecting the User Transactions menu at any of our ATMs or by dropping off your ID (passport etc.) information at the nearest branch to receive your Telephone Banking password. Then activate your password by calling us via 444 0 444 / 0850 222 0 444.

When overseas, call Retail Telephone Banking via +90 212 444 0 444 / +90 850 222 0 444.