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Yapı Kredi Culture Arts and Publishing

Yapı Kredi Culture Arts and Publishing was established to enrichen our country’s culture and arts life on a national and universal level, to offer art lovers contemporary, qualified, and different art events and to leave a cultural heritage to future generations. Activities, that were initiated under the title culture and arts consultancy since the foundation of the bank, was restructured in 1996. Yapı Kredi Culture Arts and Publishing Inc. organizes various exhibitions, talks and publishes numerous publications.

Yapı Kredi Publications

Yapı Kredi Yayınları

As a natural extension of Yapı Kredi’s strong focus on culture and arts, Yapı Kredi Publications, starting its operations in 1945 with Doğan Kardeş magazine and publications, have become one of the most impactful and biggest organizations of Turkish publishing sector. Yapı Kredi publications has broken a hard-to-beat record by publishing books under 5,005 titles and continues to be a major player of the industry with 256 new titles and 1,165 reprints. In line with its mission of supporting education, culture and arts related projects to raise social welfare, Yapı Kredi Culture Arts and Publishing also places special emphasis on audio book publishing, which is a newly evolving area. They contributed to this new area by launching 313 audio books until the end of 2017.

Culture and Arts

Kültür Sanat

Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts hosts impressive exhibitions that sets the agenda in the areas of painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, archeology and arts. Countless culture and arts activities are organized for art lovers at Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts building. From cinema to literature, art history to photography and from creative drama to reading events, a wide range of cultural activities serve to bring together experts and people from different age groups and interest areas. Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts building, an essential part of Beyoğlu’s cultural fabric and a present of Yapı Kredi to our country, is an island of arts and it was in a way born into our lives once again in September 2017 after being renovated. Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts building re-opened its doors with exhibition “Sarmal (Helix)”, composed of Yapı Kredi collections and continues to be the center of attention of all art lovers.

For more details: www.ykykultur.com.tr