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Application for Corporate Telephone Banking

Our customers with current corparate accounts at our bank, may apply at the branches which they work with the most. The employees authorized to represent your company may become members of Corporate Telephone Banking simply by completing the Yapi Kredi Corporate Internet and Telephone Banking application form.

Which informations does the Yapi Kredi Corporate Internet and Telephone Banking Aplication form include?

The Yapi Kredi Corporate Internet and Telephone Banking application form must include these informations:

  • Company details
  • User details
  • The channels users may access: Corporate Internet Banking or Corporate Telephone Banking, or both
  • User authorizations for accessing accounts and cards, with Corporate Internet or Telephone Banking
  • Authorization groups for Corporate Internet and Telephone Banking transaction

As a part of the application process, the password envelope containing the Corporate Telephone Banking password for each authorized user is delivered by our branches. After defining the users, each user notified by an SMS sent to their mobile phones, as listed on the application form, notifying them to call 444 0 448 / 0850 222 0 448 for their "Telephone Banking User Codes" and authorized banking transactions.

You may determine the accounts or cards each user is authorized to access with Telephone Banking or you may authorize users to access all your accounts and cards by selecting these options: All Accounts Telephone Banking or All Credit Cards Telephone Banking

You may also select one of "Inquiry" or "Full Authorization" options for Corporate Telephone Banking. Our customers who select "Inquiry" option for transaction authorizations on their application forms may only use Corporate Telephone Banking to make inquiries. Our customers who select "Full Authorization" option are authorized to perform all banking transactions.