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Yapı Kredi Volunteers

As Yapı Kredi, on one hand we add value to society with our consciousness about our societal responsibilities, on the other hand we encourage our employees to carry out voluntary works with responsible citizenship awareness and we create favorable environment for such efforts.

In order to spread the understanding of volunteerism and team work among Yapı Kredi employees, we have restructured our efforts in 2009 around Yapı Kredi Volunteers Platform. As a result of our efforts, initiated after consulting the Private Sector Volunteers Association (ÖSGD), our volunteers came together with non-governmental organizations that they wanted to collaborate with in their projects.

As of today, Yapı Kredi Volunteers Platform continues its efforts through countless voluntary projects. Our long-term goal is to expand volunteerism awareness and the scope of voluntary works within Yapı Kredi family.

For further information about Yapı Kredi volunteers projects: www.yapikredikss.com.tr


Science Migration to Anatolia

‘Science Migration to Anatolia, a social development project launched by Young Guru Academy (YGA), in partnership with Yapı Kredi reaches out children under legal protection at the Children’s Houses to encourage them to love science. Inspired by the life story of Aziz Sancar, the Nobel-winning scientist born in Savur district of Mardin and growing up in a big family, the project aims to discover new Sancars of science.

Reaching out to children under legal protection at the Children’s House, YGA and Yapı Kredi volunteers transform the perception of children on science from complicated to simple with the help of experiments and projects during science sessions. Children are encouraged - instead of discouraged by people saying “don’t touch you’ll break it; you’ll get an electric shock”- to take the first step for concrete projects including autonomous cars, room alarms, reading lamps, etc. by installing a circuit on their own with electronic modules which are easy to combine with a magnet.

During scientific sessions, YGA and Yapı Kredi volunteers also share with the children their experiences in self-confidence, curiosity, a clear mind and being open-minded.

The project, kicked off in Istanbul and Ankara in October 2017, is now expanding to cities such as Gaziantep, Malatya, Diyarbakır, Kahramanmaraş and Erzurum provinces. We, YGA and Yapı Kredi volunteers, plan to reach out to 5,000 children in 50 provinces in 3 years.

You can watch the video in which Yapı Kredi volunteers talk about their experiences during the visits and the science sessions held jointly with YGA volunteers.

For more details: yga.org.tr/en