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Yapı Kredi ATMs

Yapı Kredi now has 3605 ATMs to support our customers throughout Turkey! Enjoy the comfort of performing all your banking transactions quickly and easily from any location 24/7 at Yapı Kredi ATMs – Tele24 Plus and Tele24.

Perform all your banking transactions including cash withdrawals by using your Worldcard or World debit card at Yapı Kredi Tele24s.

From Tele24 Plus ATMs, customers may perform cash transactions with or without an ATM card. And if you don't have a card or an account, you may still perform payment transactions by scanning the barcode on your Worldcard bank statement or on your bill, thanks to Yapi Kredi's barcode option – a first in Turkey...

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At any Tele 24 ATM, customers may perform banking transactions 24/7 by using a Worldcard or World debit card. A complete range of banking transactions are available such as cash withdrawals, payments on credit cards, bills, and personal loans, money transfers, buying and selling funds or foreign exchange transactions. You may even upload credits to your mobile phone 24/7 from any Tele24 ATM.

Tele24 Plus

Discover Quick and Easy Banking with Tele24 Plus!
In addition to cash withdrawals, pay your credit cards and bills or personal loans by using your Worldcard or World debit card at any Tele24 Plus – from your pocket to your account without having to wait in line. If you don't have a card, you may still perform these transactions without a card by pushing “GREEN” button on any Tele24 Plus keyboard.

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