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For Your Business Needs

Yapı Kredi Mobile, now more enhanced with new features, makes your business even easier!

Owners of sole proprietorships may instantly login to our internet and mobile banking by creating a password via the menu "Get a Password/Forgot My Password". Our customers, except for the owners of sole proprietorship, can get a password from the Yapı Kredi Branch they work with.

With this application; our customers in the Corporate, Commercial and SME segments can benefit from services offered by Yapı Kredi Mobile application anytime and anywhere.

You can start using mobile banking applications for devices with iOS and Android operating system by downloading it to your device.

Once you have installed Yapı Kredi Mobile to your device, you can instantly login with your Firm Code, User Code and internet banking password.

For your security, you can use Akıllı SMS (Smart OTP), Mobil İmza (Mobile Signature) and Beni Hatırla (Remember Me), at the time of login to our corporate mobile banking application.

What Can Be Done?

You can easily track your assets via Yapı Kredi Mobile application and, view your current accounts and credit cards at the home page.

  • Accounts (Summary/Detail)
    • Account Activities
    • Account Statement Sending
    • Transaction Receipt Sending
    • Share IBAN (Text Message/E-Mail)
  • Credit Cards
    • Account Summary
    • Current period transactions
    • Installments for the Next Period
    • Up-to-date card information
    • Debt Payment
    • Credit Card Debt Payment
    • Cash Advance / Cash Advance with Installment
    • Debit Card/Commercial Card Password Transactions
  • Money Transfers
    • Money Order
    • EFT
    • Future-Dated Money order and EFT Inquiry/Cancellation
  • Payments
    • Bill Payment
    • Automatic Payment Instructions
    • Cancellation of Paid Invoices
    • Bill Payment Through Barcode
    • Payment of Other Taxes
    • Motor Vehicle Tax
    • HGS
    • Receipts
  • Investments
    • Foreign Exchange/Gold
    • e-Deposit
  • List of Approval Transactions (All Financial Transactions except Multiple Money Transfers)
  • Approval transaction details
    • Transaction Completion
    • Transaction Rejection
    • Submission to Approval
  • Monthly Payment Plan List
  • Merchant Transactions
    • POS Application Inquiry
    • POS Turnover Report
    • POS Cash Flow Report
    • POS Advance
  • Smart Directory
  • Help screens