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Yapı Kredi Mobile brings your bank to you anytime and anywhere. Transactions you can perform increase day by day with the new functions added.

With the revamped iPhone and Android applications, transactions are now much faster, tracking your assets is even easier! And with additional new features, a lot more banking services ranging from login to the mobile banking with Eyeprint-ID to cash withdrawal without touching an ATM and making a payment via mobile phone are not at your fingertips!

Get to Know the Internet and Mobile Banking

You can start using Yapı Kredi Mobile by downloading to your devices mobile banking applications suitable for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Android Tablet.

For your security, you can use Akıllı SMS (Smart OTP), Akıllı Cep (OTP Mobile), Mobil İmza (Mobile Signature), at the time of login to our mobile banking application. Akıllı Şifre (Smart Password) product you have chosen for Internet Banking/Card Transactions is also valid for the mobile banking login. You can generate one time password for use at login to internet/mobile banking and transaction approval with Akıllı Cep (Smart Cell Phone) via Yapı Kredi Mobile.

What Can Be Done?

Via Yapı Kredi Individual Mobile application, you can easily perform banking transactions such as account transactions, credit card transactions, fund transfers, payments, credit transactions among others and make use of financial services.

It enables you to benefit from financial services such as personal loan, fund, foreign exchange, interest rates, exchange rates and market information tracking and to gain access to product-campaign information and the nearest Yapı Kredi Branch and ATM.

Owing to New Yapı Kredi Mobile application, you can login to Individual Mobile Banking and Card Transactions via a single screen without having to make additional selections.

Transactions of our customers with sign in authority for Card Transactions differ*.

Home Page

  • Campaigns*
  • Notifications*
  • Most Recent Activities*
    • 7-Day Payment Plan

My Accounts

My Current Deposit Accounts*

  • New Account Opening
  • Withdraw Cash with QR Code

My Cards

  • My Credit Cards*
  • Connecting a Card to the Account/Disconnecting a Card
  • Card Password Transactions*
  • Cash Advance*
    • Cash Advance to My Account*
    • Cash Advance to Another Account*

Money Transfers

  • Cash to Mobile
  • Money Order/EFT at Current Account - from Credit Card (Money Order/EFT to Another Account - Money Order/EFT to My Account)*
  • Money Order/EFT from Smart Directory (Money Transfer from Smart Directory)*
  • Last Transactions (Money Transfer/EFT to Another Account - Money Order/EFT to My Account)*
  • Inquiry/Cancellation*

My Assets

  • Send Assets Extre


  • My Loans
  • General Purpose Loan Application and Utilization
  • Mortgage Application
  • Installment Payment
  • Loan Calculation


  • General Purpose Loan Application and Utilization
  • Mortgage Application
  • HGS*
  • Private Pension System
  • Debit Card Application*
  • Application Tracking*


  • Time Deposits
  • Foreign Exchange / Gold
  • Foreign Exchange / Gold Buy-Sell
    • Foreign Exchange / Gold Rates
  • Stocks
    • My Stock Portfolio
    • Stock Buy/Sell
    • Stock Order Tracking
  • Mutual Funds


  • Bill Payment*
  • Credit Card My Credit Card/Other Credit Card Debt Payment
  • GSM Payments
    • Prepaid Card TL Top-up
    • Turkcell Fast Cell Phone Order
  • Tax Payments/Payments to the State*
    • Motor Vehicle Tax*
    • HGS*
    • Receipts*
  • Games of Chance
  • 7-Day Payment Plan*

Akıllı Asistan (Smart Assistant)

Smart Guide

My Settings

  • Account/Credit Card Restriction Settings*
  • Smart Assistant Instant Messaging/ Text Message/ E-Mail Settings*
  • Remember Me/Forget Me*
  • Eyeprint-ID Activation*

7-Day Payment Plan*

My Session History

  • Daily Transaction List*


  • Call Yapı Kredi *

(i) Yapı Kredi Mobile transaction limits are the same as your Internet Banking transaction limits. You can edit your transaction authorization and limits according to your own preferences by following these steps: My Internet Banking Settings> Security Settings> Authority and Limit Settings.

You can make use of following services without signing in the mobile banking within Yapı Kredi Mobile application:

  • Get a Password/Forgot My Password
  • Markets
  • Campaigns
  • Contact - We Are Here For You (Shortcut for Calling the Customer Communication Center, Write To Us, YapıKrediHizmet Twitter Account)
  • The Nearest Yapı Kredi (ATM/Branches)
  • More
    • OTP Mobile
    • Calculation Tools (Personal Loan Calculation, Repo Calculation, Deposit Interest Calculation, Fund Calculation, Flexible Calculation, Foreign Exchange Calculation)
    • Interest, Fund and Exchange Rate Information (Exchange Rates, Personal Loans, Fund Prices, Time Deposit Interest Rates, Repo Rates)
    • Credit Now
    • Private Pension System Application

Via our mobile banking application for iPad and Android Tablet you can perform around 500 banking transactions which can be performed at the internet banking anytime and anywhere.