We Are Here For You

CSR Approach


As a reputable member of society, Yapı Kredi aims to become “something beyond an ordinary bank” by being a useful institution not only for the society it operates in but for entire humanity through generating value outside the scope of its commercial activities.


Yapı Kredi’s objective is to contribute at maximum level to social life while looking out for the interests of all its stakeholders in all its operations.

Our Strategy

Yapı Kredi’s commercial activities are based on integrity, dynamism and caring for the interests of all its stakeholders. Stakeholders include shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, non-governmental organizations, all members of community where Yapı Kredi lives and operates in.

Yapı Kredi, contributing to financial development of society as well as the economy through products and services it delivers, also develops and implements corporate social responsibility projects that are parallel to its operational areas and that can be integrated to its business processes.

Yapı Kredi, apart from assuming economic and environmental responsibilities with corporate citizenship consciousness, also concentrates on education, culture and arts.