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Intellectual Capital

Yapı Kredi defines its experience and know-how in innovation and information technologies as its intellectual capital, and strives to create added value for stakeholders by continuously improving its capabilities in these areas. The Bank closely follows technological developments in the world and banking sector to adapts its organization accordingly. It also sets a substantial amount aside every year in its budget for R&D and IT infrastructure in order to further the development of its intellectual capital.

These efforts pave the way for products and services that make customers’ lives easier, and enhance Yapı Kredi’s reliability and brand reputation by ensuring data security and business continuity. Economic gains derived as a result of these activities secure the sustainability of the Bank’s business processes.

Material Issues

Academic collaborations and R&D: Yapı Kredi cooperates with universities in the fields of R&D and innovation in order to create mutual benefit, and delivers projects aimed at university students—the aspiring IT specialists of the future. The Bank works to enhance the links between the financial and academic communities, and establishes partnerships with universities and technology parks. In order to collect innovative and creative ideas from employees for evaluation and implementation, and to promote a culture of innovation across Yapı Kredi, the Bank has established the Idea Development Center, Evreka. This practice enables the Bank to effectively manage idea development processes across the organization.

Detailed information about R&D practices may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Confidentiality of customer information: Yapı Kredi regards the integrity and confidentiality of customer information not only as a legal obligation but also as an ethical responsibility, and leverages its effective and robust IT infrastructure to continuously improve its performance in this area. The Bank organizes periodical training courses for employees in order to raise awareness on corporate information security policies and tools. Employee competence in this area is measured through annual evaluations. Awareness-raising activities are updated in the light of evaluation results and analyses of current threats. In addition to internal measures, Yapı Kredi also regularly informs customers about personal measures they can take.

Detailed information about customer confidentiality may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Information technologies, business continuity and cyber security: While an effective IT infrastructure is a key competitive advantage in the finance sector, digitalization brings about a series of risks involving business continuity and data security. For this reason, Yapı Kredi’s efforts towards enhancing its IT infrastructure are always accompanied by investments for improving IT security and ensuring business continuity. Yapı Kredi utilizes a multi-layered security approach that enables the Bank to identify and prevent cyber-attacks that may pose a risk to its operations. Its IT infrastructure, which constitutes a significant aspect of the business continuity strategy, helps the Bank to mitigate data loss and other risks that may arise as a result of a natural disaster or emergency.

Detailed information about the IT systems may be found in the Annual Reports.

Innovative products: Yapı Kredi endeavors to integrate a culture of innovation into its organization and value chain. The Bank is committed to make a difference in the sector via innovative products and services that make customers’ lives easier, which enhance the customer experience while providing the Bank with a competitive edge. Yapı Kredi continues to play a leading role in the sector with development and new projects in digital banking channels.

Detailed information about innovative products may be found on the Bank’s corporate website and in the Annual Reports.