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Human Capital

Yapı Kredi recognizes that its talented, creative and engaged workforce is the foundation of its success. In conducting its human resources processes, Yapı Kredi is guided by the principle of becoming “the Best Company to Work For”, and strives to establish a fair and safe working place that respects human rights and dignity. While enabling its employees to develop their talents and utilize their experience and ideas, the Bank manages its human resources policies and practices in line with the goal of becoming a preferred employer.

Material Issues

Participative and pluralistic workplace: Recognizing the importance of bilateral communications with employees, Yapı Kredi has established effective communication channels for employee requests, expectations, suggestions and complaints. The Bank strives to enhance customer satisfaction by directing its operations in accordance with the feedback received through these channels. By doing so, it increases job satisfaction among employees while strengthening business processes through feasible solutions.

Yapı Kredi respects its employees’ right to collective bargaining and freedom of association in line with relevant legislation, and conducts its operations in a manner so as to not interfere with these rights. Through its internal Employee Relations Advisory Board (CIDAK), the Bank aims to rapidly and timely address workplace problems, maintain labor peace between the Bank and union members, and thereby increasing efficiency.

Detailed information about Yapı Kredi’s practices in this area may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Equal opportunity and prevention of discrimination: Yapı Kredi conducts its human resources operations in a manner that is fair, equal, and respectful of human and employee rights. In line with its principles of “Equal Opportunity” and “Equal Employment” and pursuant to relevant laws, Yapı Kredi ensures that all processes are free from discrimination on the basis of race, language, color, age, gender, nationality, ethnic background, sexual orientation, physical disability, or any other factors. The Bank expects employees to respect diversity and act in accordance with the principles of courtesy, honesty and equality in all interactions with their peers, and adopt Yapı Kredi’s corporate citizenship approach and code of ethics.

Detailed information about Yapı Kredi’s performance in Equal Opportunity may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Employee satisfaction: Yapı Kredi collects comments and feedback from employees on a regular basis, and conducts surveys to assess employee loyalty. The results from these surveys are used to inform projects.

Detailed information about Yapı Kredi’s performance in employee satisfaction may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Occupational health and safety: Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment for its employees is one of the top business priorities of Yapı Kredi. Through preventive and corrective action towards ensuring occupational health and safety, the Bank strives to continuously increase its performance in this area. Operating under Human Resources and Organization Management, the Occupational Health and Safety Unit oversees the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Policy across the organization. The Occupational Health and Safety Policy may be found here. Led by the Occupational Health and Safety Unit and including employee representatives, the occupational health and safety boards receive feedback, comments and complaints from employees, and plan and take action accordingly. Additionally, Yapı Kredi is a member of the Koç Group Occupational Health and Safety Coordination Board, which is established by Koç Holding, one of the main shareholders of Yapı Kredi, for monitoring occupational health and safety practices and sharing best practices and revisions across group companies.

Detailed information about Yapı Kredi’s performance in Occupational Health and Safety may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Talent management: Yapı Kredi implements talent management programs to assist employees in their personal and professional development and help them direct their own career path. The Bank develops individual training catalogs for employees, enabling them to participate programs of their choice. The most important project in this area is the Yapı Kredi Banking Academy, which was established in 2009 to develop professional skills and knowledge among employees.

Yapı Kredi’s talent management practices may be found in the Sustainability Reports.

Work-life balance: Yapı Kredi regards work-life balance as a factor that increases job satisfaction and work performance of employees, and thus gives particular emphasis to it. Accordingly, the Bank organizes its working hours in compliance with the provisions of the Labor Law, and recommends managers to avoid overtime assignments. In addition, Yapı Kredi encourages its personnel to take their annual paid leaves, and ensures that such leaves are granted in a timely manner. Yapı Kredi has established an Employee Support Program in order to help employees alleviate the stress brought about by the busy schedules and responsibilities of their professional and private lives and establish a healthy work-life balance. Launched in 2010, the Employee Support Helpline provides 24/7 pro bono financial, medical, legal, and psychological consulting for Yapı Kredi employees and their families. Yapı Kredi also organizes social activities to enable employees to use their out-of-office hours in a more productive manner.

Detailed information about Yapı Kredi’s work-life balance practices may be found in the Sustainability Reports.