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Human Rights

Yapı Kredi aims to conduct its activities in a manner that respects human rights, and is committed to continuously improve its performance in this area. The pioneering approach of Koç Holding and UniCredit, Yapı Kredi’s main shareholders, plays a guiding role in its efforts to enhance its performance in its human rights practices. Yapı Kredi is committed to uphold the principles of the UN Global Compact. Accordingly, it conducts regular performance monitoring studies in the field of human rights.

Yapı Kredi fully complies with obligations arising from local legislations on human rights, and pays strict attention to conduct all its operations in accordance with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Fundamental Conventions. The Bank tolerates no form of discrimination, and offers equal employment opportunities for all.

Yapı Kredi has established the “Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement” to serve as a reliable and comprehensive framework in managing human rights-related risks and preventing potential violations in this area. The declaration encompasses the principles and systems employed by Yapı Kredi in the course of its operations.

The Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement and associated implementation principles are disclosed to all employees at the global scale through internal communication channels (intranet and internal announcements). The statement is published in Turkish and English, and is also translated into Azerbaijani to ensure its accessibility to employees in Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijani version of the statement is available on the Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan website.

In addition to communicating its Human Right Statement, the Bank has also developed the Yapı Kredi Human Rights Training Program for all managers and employees at the global scale in order to ensure the adoption and effective implementation of its principles. The Human Rights Training Program is mandatory for all employees, and is provided as a distant learning course. Aiming to inform all employees about the Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement, the program is offered in Turkish and Azerbaijani. All employees are required to repeat the training program every two years. The Human Rights Training Program is also included in the orientation of the newly recruited employees.

The number of employees who completed the Human Rights Training Program and completion rates are given below:

  • Turkey: Number of employees who completed the training: 14.983.
  • Azerbaijan: Number of employees who completed the training: 174; completion rate: 63.2 %.

All employees are expected to act in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement while performing their duties. In this regard, it is the individual duty of each and every employee to report actual or suspected violations of the statement. Further information on the reporting processes may be found in the Yapı Kredi Statement on Whistleblowing. The reporting channels have received no cases of violation concerning the implementation principles of the Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement.

Within the scope of its responsible procurement practices, Yapı Kredi requires its suppliers and business partners to conduct their operations in compliance with Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all agreements to which Turkey is a party, International Labor Organization’s Fundamental Conventions, the Law on Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey, all applicable national and international legislation on human rights, and Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement. To this end, relevant clauses have been included in contracts signed with suppliers.

The Sustainability Committee monitors the effectiveness of Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement, while enhancing existing relevant monitoring processes and constantly improving Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement. The Sustainability Committee annually reviews the statement, and continuously monitors the implementation of the statement in line with the reports received by relevant channels as well as the results of the Human Rights Risk Assessment, which is performed every two years by the Internal Audit Department. In its risk assessment efforts, the Internal Audit Department is guided by the “Human Rights Audit Instructions”. Human rights-related topics are integrated into general risk management processes and regular risk assessments are performed on a biennial basis. The first human rights risk assessment was carried out by the Internal Audit Department in 2016. Yapı Kredi aims to ensure 100% compliance with the Human Rights Statement in all its operations.

Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement was approved by the Board of Directors and entered into force in June 2015. The statement went through an annual revision in 2016 in line with relevant updates, and approved by the Board of Directors. Yapı Kredi Human Rights Statement may be found here.

Key performance indicators regarding human rights are published on an annual basis as part of the Yapı Kredi Sustainability Report. Human rights indicators in the Sustainability Report was independently audited by an international audit firm. Further information about the audit report and the human rights indicators are available in the Sustainability Report. The Sustainability Report may be found here.