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Human Resources Practices

Yapı Kredi's human resources practices are based on its Employee Guidelines. These guidelines inform employees about human resource practices and set conditions pertaining to administrative services. The Bank’s Human Resources and Organization Management carries out its operations without discrimination of race, gender, nationality, age, religion, political view or physical disability, and with respect towards privacy and civil rights. Job description as well as performance and bonus guidelines are announced to all employees of the Bank. In addition, the Bank’s human resources portal, accessible to all employees, provides detailed information about its policies regarding career development, recruitment, remuneration and benefits, and performance.

As Per the Law No 6356 on Trade Unions and Collective Labor Agreements, there is a Collective Bargaining Agreement in place between the Bank and the Union of Bank and Insurance Workers (BASISEN). As a part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, BASISEN has assigned Workplace Union Representatives to represent its members.