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Environmental Management System

For a sustainable environment, Yapı Kredi established an environmental management system at its head office buildings Yapı Kredi Plaza D Block and the Yapı Kredi Banking Base, and received ISO 14001:2015 certification on December 2, 2016. The bank, which has successfully completed the periodic audit in 2017, continues to protect this certificate.

Yapı Kredi Environmental Management System aims to ensure compliance with the environmental policy, and the achievement and continuity of the Bank’s environment-related goals. The system is compatible with the ISO 14001:2015 standards, and international and national legal requirements. The system is based on continuous development, and implements a cycle of “Plan - Do - Check - Act”.

All documentation and implementation principles of the environmental management system is described in detail in the environmental management system handbook. The documentation structure of the system is as follows:

In order to ensure the efficiency of the environmental management system, the roles and responsibilities within the system have been defined, and definitions of their duties have been announced to employees. An Environmental Management System Team has been formed within the scope of the system in order to improve performance and follow up on practices and procedures. The job descriptions of this team’s members have been expanded to include their responsibilities within the scope of the environmental management system, and the changes have been announced to the staff.

Within the scope of the system annual environmental goals and targets are determined. The targets are reviewed at biannual management review meetings and evaluated at the end of each year. The main purpose of the management review process is to evaluate annual performance of the environmental management system, monitor its in-practice efficiency, and ensure its continuous improvement. Senior management provides support for the management review activities. At senior management level, the Logistics and Procurement Group Director, who reports directly to the Executive Director and Deputy CEO, is responsible for the environmental management system.

The efficiency of Yapı Kredi’s environmental management system is constantly improved through the evaluation of;

  • The Environmental and Social Policy,
  • Environmental goals and targets,
  • Internal audit results,
  • Systemic data analyses,
  • Corrective - preventive actions,
  • Management review results.

Training programs are provided for all employees in order to raise awareness and provide information on the system. Employees responsible for environment-related tasks also receive competency training in order to build upon their competences, and to increase their knowledge, skills, and experience. In addition, there are a number of internal communication efforts aimed at raising awareness among the employees.

Carried out on an annual basis, the internal audits aim to monitor and improve the system’s compliance and effectiveness, address any shortcomings, and further develop the system in the light of new requirements. Internal audits are conducted by members of Environmental Management System Team who were informed about the ISO 14001 through a training program and have completed ISO 14001 Internal Auditor certification process. Internal audit results are submitted to the senior management’s review at management review meetings.