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Environmental Management

Yapı Kredi draws upon the expertise and experience of its main shareholders Koç Holding and UniCredit as it strives to minimize its environmental impact and achieve its objectives in this area. Accordingly, Yapı Kredi is a member of Environmental Board of Koç Group, the highest authority to take decisions on environmental management, made up of environmental managers of Koç Group companies. The Environmental Board develops, implements and propagates environmental policies and strategies across the entire group. Strategic goals set by the Board are turned into performance goals and generalized through the entire Yapı Kredi organization. Goal progress and performance results are monitored on a regular basis, and disclosed to all stakeholders in line with the principles of transparency and accountability. Periodical audits are conducted with Koç Group’s Audit Group in order to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

Yapı Kredi’s environmental efforts are led by the Logistics and Procurement Group Director, who reports directly to the Executive Director and Deputy CEO and is a member of Sustainability Committee.

Each year, Yapı Kredi shares its environmental performance with all stakeholders via publicly disclosed sustainability reports. The selected environmental and social indicators included in the sustainability reports are verified by an independent audit company. In addition, since 2016 Yapı Kredi has been transparently reporting its practices that fall under the scope of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Climate Change Program. Furthermore, since 2011, the Bank has been calculating and managing its greenhouse gas inventory in accordance with the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Reporting Standard. Documentation and independent third party verification of this process is carried out on an annual basis. As a testament to the importance Yapı Kredi attaches on the environment, in 2016 an environmental management system was established for the head office buildings, and the ISO 14001 certification was completed.

Yapı Kredi consults NGOs and other stakeholders regarding its environmental performance and works for continuous improvement of its performance in this field.