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Smart Pin

High Security with One Time Password Technology!

In accordance with BRSA Notification*, as of 01.01.2010, usage of one time password at Internet Banking login is mandatory.

In order to login to Internet Banking as of 01.01.2010, you have to use one of our one time password products (OTP SMS, OTP Mobile, OTP Token Turkcell Mobile Signature.

We follow the latest developments in security technologies very seriously to protect our service quality, reliability and reputation and provide our clients with the most advanced effective security solutions.

What is Smart Pin?

Smart Pin is the “One Time Password” technology that provides you high security and enables you to login to Internet Banking and to continue realizing your payment and cash outflow transactions. The Smart Pin family comprises OTP SMS, OTP Token and OTP Mobile.

What is One Time Password?

This technology creates passwords for one-time use only. Each password created may not be used a second time by you or anyone else.

How much does Smart Pin cost?

OTP SMS and OTP Mobile products are free. OTP Token fee is 25 TL .

How may I sign up?

You may sign up for “OTP SMS,” “OTP Token” or “OTP Mobile” using the Security Settings / One Time Password menu in Yapı Kredi Internet Banking.

Transactions Requiring Smart Pin

Internet Banking Login

Money Transfers

  • EFT
  • EFT to Name
  • Regular EFT entry
  • Regular money transfer
  • Moneygram
  • Remittance to another account
  • Deferred remittance
  • Bilyoner.com payment

Credit Card Transactions

  • Payment of another bank’s credit card
  • Setting Virtual credit card limit
  • Payment of someone else’s credit card
  • Transfer of cash advance to account
  • Transfer of cash advance by EFT
  • Worldcard password change
  • Supplementary card password change


  • Yapi Kredi Investment Remittance (to an investment account in another branch)

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