We Are Here For You

Our CSR Policy

Our Vision and Mission

As a respectable member of society, Yapı Kredi aspires to be "more than just a bank". With this at the forefront, Yapı Kredi strives to be a corporation not only constructive for the society where it operates, but also for all humanity through creating value in addition to its commercial activities.

Yapı Kredi purposes to contribute wholeheartedly to society by safeguarding the interest of its stakeholders.

Our CSR Strategy

While making notable contributions to society, Yapı Kredi develops and implements projects parallel with its line of business. Hence, our bank carries out its corporate social responsibility in areas related to education, the environment, culture and the arts where both corporate support and efficacious projects are needed the most.

When identifying projects for our corporate social responsibility, Yapı Kredi evaluates the compatibility of its corporate identity with the target audience. Furthermore, Yapı Kredi makes sure the supported projects have a long-lasting positive effect on society. All projects in areas like culture and the arts, the environment, and education, point towards noteworthy and measurable results. Furthermore, long-term partnerships are sealed with non-government organizations (NGOs) for these projects, which are purposefully integrated and make an overall contribution to Yapı Kredi's reputation.