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Share Program

If we all pitched in a little, the world would be a much better place. Therefore, if you say you want to do something right now, without delay, our Share Program is for you.

With our Sharing Program, you can use your Worldpoints to support selected projects of non-government organizations related to the environment, the youth, education, health, and the arts and sciences. With this program, World will make additional donations on your behalf to projects you support.* To donate, simply visit Worldonline or Yapı Kredi Corporate Internet Banking.

* Additional donations made by World are limited to 50 TL per year.

If you think, “Education first -- I want to do something so everyone can receive the education they deserve,” here are our projects in education you can support!

UNICEF “Add a School” TEGV “Drama Workshop”

Through this project in an effort to make education more widespread, UNICEF supports the manufacturing of practical, long-lasting and quickly built prefabricated classrooms. Your contributions will help increase setting up these fully-equipped and earthquake-resistant prefabricated classrooms, each with a hundred-student capacity.

This project of the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) supports the individual development of children between the ages of 8 and 13 as well as their cultivation of personal skills like confidence and empathy. Your donations will help these children advance their skills in verbal self-expression, body language, creativity, problem-solving, self-confidence, communication, and listening, understanding, and comprehension.

If you think, “The youth are our future -- I want to support and help them be more prepared, stronger, and safer for the years ahead,” here are the projects for the youth you can support!

Turkish Cultural Foundation AFS Programs: “A World Without Borders: Seven Students from Seven Regions “ UNFPA: “A Youth Story”

This Turkish Cultural Foundation project helps students, accepted to AFS Programs but with limited financial resources, benefit from unique education and personal development opportunities. Your donations help seven successful students from seven different regions participate in these programs.

With this project, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) proposes to educate the younger generation on sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases. Your donations can help prevent the younger generation from lacking enough information and help them live a healthier life.

If you think, “We must introduce our children to the arts and sciences -- I want to contribute to developing a generation equipped to change the world,” here are our projects in the arts and sciences you can support!

TBMV: "Science Center Student Sponsorship Campaign"
The Student Sponsorship Project of the Turkish Science Center Foundation (TBMV) unites children, limited financially, in receiving an education at the Science Center. With more than 80 interactive experimental units, the Science Center was founded to an instil interest in and a love for science in children at an early age. The center uses a hands-on teaching approach and organizes projects and workshops for different age groups. Your contributions can help with the entry fees for as many students as you desire and at the same time help us present greater equal opportunities to the youth of our future.

If you say to yourselves, “I want to be surrounded by green, under a blue sky and I want my children to live in such a world as well,” here are our projects for the environment you can support!

TEMA “Take Action” TURMEPA “Unlimited Blue”

Through this project, the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA) purposes to use agriculture and land more productively, reducing the population’s detrimental pressure on natural resources and raising the awareness of farmers. Your contributions can help impede soil erosion and prevent migration from villages to cities in the long run.

Through this project, the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA) seeks to protect our seas and leave behind a liveable environment to future generations. Your contributions can help spread this way of thinking to every school in Turkey and reach 300,000 teachers and 6.5 million students within a five-year period.

To live is the primal right of humankind. If you say “I desire to help everyone who want to get over with their depression and try to live a healthy life,” here are our social responsibility projects related to health issues you can support!

LÖSEV “Keep Our Children Suffering From Cancer Alive” İZEV “Protective Workplaces for Disabled People ”

The Foundation for Children With Leukaemia (LÖSEV) plans to establish a new and fully-equipped intensive care unit at the Lösante, the Hospital for Children with Leukaemia. This hospital gives completely free diagnostic and treatment services to leukaemia patients who lack the financial means. Your contributions can help purchase new ventilators and aphaeresis machines (cell separators) that stop bleeding and provide vital blood elements like platelets for blood clotting.

This project of the Istanbul Foundation for the Education and Support of the Mentally Disabled (İZEV) provides people with disabilities the opportunity to work without risking a failure in a competitive environment. Your contributions can help people with disabilities be more productive and live independently.