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Yapı Kredi Volunteers

Yapı Kredi established a platform called the Yapı Kredi Volunteers Platform in 2009, under the slogan, "One Social Responsibility Project from Each Department" with the aim of raising awareness among Yapı Kredi employees about volunteerism and promoting team work. The efforts were initially supported by the Corporate Volunteers Association (CVA) and at the end of the first year, pilot departments were designated and projects began to be given shape. First, all business units held a survey and determined the field in which they wanted to volunteer their skills, and later, they met with the representatives of relevant Non-Governmental Organizations under the support of the Corporate Communication Administration Department and initiated their work.

As of today, the Yapı Kredi Volunteers Platform implements nine different volunteer projects. In the long-run, the ultimate goal is to spread the spirit of volunteering across the Yapı Kredi family.

Joining Forces with Darüşşafaka High School

Yapı Kredi volunteers launched a project in cooperation with students from Darüşşafaka High School in March 2009. The project, which is titled "Joining Forces with Darüşşafaka High School," aims to provide successful and fatherless students, who study at schools run by the Darüşşafaka Association with more quality time. 80 percent of the students in the project come from Anatolia. The project allow boarders who are unable to spend time with their families on weekends to participate in off-campus activities, social and cultural activities such as museum tours, picnic and ecological tours. These events are organized once a month, and sometimes two or three times a month. A minimum of 30 and a maximum of 80 students are allowed to participate in each activity.

Joining Forces with Lösev (by Accounting Department)

Under the project, which was launched in the last quarter of 2012, our volunteers set up a booth at the Yapı Kredi Banking Base and the Yapı Kredi Plaza in support of the Foundation for Children with Leukemia (LOSEV) and engage in sales activities personally. Also, our volunteers have began to offer training at weekend courses organized by LOSEV.

Each Child is a World

Yapı Kredi Operations Management employees developed and implemented a project titled, "Each Child is a World," through which they met the material requirements of schools that have limited budgets and also the personal needs of students. Accordingly, volunteers began to support the Diyarbakır Hatipoğlu Elementary School, which is situated along the Diyarbakır - Şanlıurfa highway and has 15 kindergarten and 89 regular students, by meeting the material requirements of the school building and personal requirements of students, such as school, uniforms, stationery, toys, etc. Yap Kredi volunteers organized three charity sales at the Yapı Kredi Banking Base and raised funds for their project. Our volunteers chose a new school called Atatürk High School YIBO, located in Gebze, Kocaeli and began to cooperate with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) under the new project.

Most recently, they have taken on the responsibility to support Büyükkırık Elementary School, located in Samsun. Working together with young volunteers from TOG, Yap Kredi volunteers met the material requirements of the school and also the stationery needs of students.

Corporate and Commercial Banking Departments are implementing a project in every region.

Volunteers from Yapı Kredi's Corporate and Commercial Banking Departments launched a project in 2011 and planted walnut trees across the Marmara Region. They expanded the scope of this project to include three more regions in the coming years. They also organized charity sales and used the funds to purchase and donate mechanical equipment to İzmir Behçet Uz Children's Hospital for Aegean and Mediterranean Regions. Yapı Kredi volunteers also supplied a PC and furniture to the computer room at the Multi-purpose Community Center in Şanlıurfa to support women entrepreneurs.

Credit Cards Direct Sales Team Joining Forces with the Spinal Cord Paralytics association of Turkey.

Our Credit Cards Direct Sales Team has continued to offer scholarships to students studying at schools run by the Darüşşafaka Association. Under the plastic bottle cap collection campaign, our regions competed fiercely with each other to collect the highest number of plastic bottle caps, using our customer network effectively. The bottle caps were redeemed provide two paraplegic individuals with battery-powered wheelchairs through the Spinal Cord Paralytics association of Turkey.

Our employees also donated books, stationery and a chess set to a school located in the Diyadin district of Ağrı.

We Haven't Let Them Down

Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing employees implemented a project titled, "We Haven't Let Them Down" in cooperation with GEA Search and Rescue Ecology Group. Under the project realized through the Yapı Kredi Volunteers Platform, two separate toy donation campaign were carried out. Our volunteers collected toys through their social networks, cleaned and repaired them and then donated them to two village schools and one district school located in the Göynük district of Bolu. For the second campaign, they delivered the toys to little patients who are receiving treatment at the Oncology Unit at the Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital. Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing volunteers continue to read books to the visually-impaired at the GETEM (Technology and Training Laboratory for the Visually-Impaired).

Yapı Kredi Private Banking continues to support students

Yapı Kredi Private Banking and Asset Management employees launched a donation campaign for Derecik Primary School, located in Kars, and supplied a photocopy machine and two PCs to the school administration. In addition, Asset Management employees donated and delivered a total of 300 books, more than 400 notebooks and three boxes of stationery to the school.

Our volunteer teams will continue to support students studying at other schools.

Let's fill our libraries with books!

Yapı Kredi Portfolio Management employees developed and implemented two donation campaigns in 2012. As part of a campaign implemented in May 2012, our employees donated 500 books to the library of Cumhuriyet Elementary School, located in the Bahçeşehir district of Istanbul.

And in December 2012, Yapı Kredi Portfolio Management employees donated two blackboards and 120 library books to the Ziya Gökalp Elementary School locates in Kars.

World of the Forever Young

Under a project carried out in collaboration with Yapı Kredi Nursing Home, the volunteers from Yapı Kredi's Retail Banking Department share special moments with pensioners who have lived away from their homes for at least five years. The main goal of the project is to ensure that pensioners spend the rest of their lives in a happy and productive environment, to provide them with more comfortable living spaces, and to make them feel that they are remembered and loved. Our volunteers at the Yapı Kredi Nursing Home never leave our pensioners living alone. Among the monthly activities carried out with the involvement of 23 Yapı Kredi pensioners living at the Nursing Home are afternoon tea parties, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations, visits made on religious holidays and new year’s eve parties, visits made to the Yapı Kredi Banking Base and the Yapı Kredi Banking Academy, and visits made to the Nursing Home by the members of the senior management. In addition, PCs, printers and computer desks are provided and installed at the nursing home. These are open to general use and allow our pensioners to strengthen their ties with the outside world and to enjoy their spare times more productively. Retail Banking Department volunteers will continue to be with our pensioners and share enjoyable moments and to have pleasurable conversations with them.