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In-house Sponsorships

Yapı Kredi has developed and implemented in-house sponsorship projects since 2005 to encourage its employees to participate in athletic activities and to recognize their achievements.

In 2013, under the in-house sponsorship program we implement, we offered support to Bayram Kuytan, Kaan Göker, Tuğba Çetin, Özlem Pelin Ege, Özcan Çetinkaya, Metin Akbaş and Ömer Şahin who competed in individual sports such as mountaineering, swimming, para-taekwondo, archery, tennis and track and field.

Our employees continue to achieve many important successes. Recently, Özlem Pelin Ege, who competes in swimming, won seven gold medals in different disciplines at the Masters Summer Championship, held in Turkey between August 16-18, 2013. Also, Bayram Kuytan, who continues his mountaineering and high altitude trekking activities regularly, scaled Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in all of Europe and the Caucasus, in 2013.

Also in 2013, Metin Akbaş and Ömer participated in 21 marathon races organized across Turkey and achieved high rankings.

Yapı Kredi also created a track and field team of employees in 2011 and has participated in the Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon since. Acting in accordance with the "Step-by-Step Initiative," we run in support of a different NGO each year.

We have participated in the 35th Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon, organized on November 17, 2013, with a 87-member track and field team and ran in support of the Turkish Paraplegics Foundation (TOFD). Our employees encouraged their social network to make donations to the Turkish Paraplegics Foundation and Yapı Kredi, donated battery-powered wheelchairs to the foundation.

Photographs of the Event