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For My Country

The "For My Country" initiative comprises implementation of various corporate social responsibility projects by Koç Holding employees and dealers in their own provinces on the last Sunday of May each year, which marks the day on which the Koç Holding was established. The initiative, which is completely run by volunteers, is supported also by Yapı Kredi employees.

The cause identified for 2012 and 2013 is "problems faced by the disabled" and the slogan adopted was "No Barriers for my Country." The goal of this project is to develop practices that will help improve the quality of work and social lives of the disabled and raise awareness among society about these issue. This year's project partners are the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Alternative Life Association (AYDER).

Yapı Kredi has carried out the following activities as part of the "For My Country" initiative

  • Yapı Kredi employees who have become "For My Country Ambassadors" received training from AYDER. Afterwards, they offered training to employees at Yapı Kredi Head Office and Yapı Kredi Banking Base.
  • For those Yapı Kredi employees who are parts of Yapı Kredi's extensive branch network and thus cannot be offered face-to-face training, an e-learning training was developed by Yapı Kredi Banking Academy.
  • Working groups including disabled employees have been created to make necessary arrangements for the transformation of bank spaces and service locations into disabled-friendly zones.
  • Spaces, such as the conference hall, car park, washrooms, etc. located inside Yapı Kredi Head Office building have been made more accessible.
  • Removable ramps have been installed at 50 physically-suitable branches to allow the disabled easy access to the branches using their wheelchairs.
  • All new ATMs have been equipped with the Braille alphabet application for the convenience of the visually-impaired. Over 500 ATMs across 53 provinces have been made more accessible.
  • A side project implemented by Yapı Kredi Publications, allowed the visually-impaired to access the latest books published by Yapı Kredi Publications at the same time with other book enthusiasts. This project is being undertaken in cooperation with GETEM (Technology and Training Laboratory for the Visually-Impaired), a body established under the auspices of Boğaziçi University, to offer services to the visually-impaired. A special text-to-speech technology is utilized, which allows the visually-impaired to download books by visiting getem.boun.edu.tr at any time from any mobile device with access to the Internet. Also, the visually-impaired who become members of GETEM, can access newly-released books by dialing 0 216 276 31 11.

For more detailed information, please visit www.ulkemicin.com.tr