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Color Pen

“I read I play” educational program’s objective and mission were carried one step further with Color Pen project, started in 2014, where children were introduced to journalism with the support of professional journalists.

In the project, carried out at activity points of TEGV across Turkey, children prepare their own newspapers under the coaching of experienced pens in the media as well as TEGV volunteers. Children design and prepare their Color Pen newspapers from the page layout to photographs, from news contents to design and share them with public in their hometowns. Through this project, Yapı Kredi also supports increasing media literacy.

The fact that children at primary school age are inclined to use technology and high levels of Internet usage among this age group allowed Color Pen newspaper project to continue in digital channels since 2017. Newspaper started to be issued on an internet channel www.renklikalemler.org in İstanbul, Giresun, İzmir, Adana, Van, Çorum and Mardin, under the guidance of local journalists and popular names of internet media. The objective is to make sure that Color Pen newspaper is prepared by children located at TEGV education points.

For more details: www.renklikalemler.org