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The Old Age Research Center (+65)

Yapı Kredi established the Old Age Research Center (+65) in February 2006 in order to develop a platform where social dimension of the "old age-retirement" concept is brought to the attention of the public in Turkey and information is shared on old and aging population, which is not yet a priority in the agenda of the country. The center has realized the following activities since its establishment:

  • A database of the research made on old age in Turkey and the rest of the world is created.
  • A qualitative and quantitative research was conducted, titled "The World of the Old" on the way old age is perceived and current issues of old people in our country (December 2006)
  • An old age portal (www.yaslilikrehberi.org.tr) was established on research and subjects concerning the senior citizens, which is accessible by anyone through internet and allows free membership (March 2007)
  • Under collaboration with the Educational Volunteers of Turkey (TEGV) and Yıldız Technical University (YTU), 94 individuals were given training on Computer and Internet Usage (March - June 2007).
  • The "home accidents" brochure prepared by CEREPRI has been translated into Turkish, and was distributed across Turkey via Akşam Daily Newspaper on the Awareness Day of Old Age (June 2007).
  • The survey titled "the Elderly Running Rings Around the Youth" was conducted from 20 March till 9 April 2008 by participation of 3 thousand 5000 persons due to the 18 - 24 March Old Age Week (March 2008).
  • Small scale surveys are conducted via Portal and Yapı Kredi Retirement sales teams.

This Project was awarded with the first prize on the "Consumer Communication of the Existing Services" category at the 2008 Golden World Awards, organized by IPRA (June 2008). The results of the first "Old Age Cost of Living Index", developed under collaboration with Boğaziçi University and TNS PIAR in order to contribute to creation of a cost of living index relating to old age period and to increase the value of the detailed data obtained by periodical repetitions, was announced (June 2009)

The Old Age Research Center (65+)

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