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The Saffron Project (Preservation of the Gene Pool of Saffron and Re-popularizing the Cultivation of Saffron across Our Country), which was launched under the partnership of TEMA and Yapı Kredi Emeklilik (was a subsidiary of Yapı Kredi between 1991 and 2013) and with the support of Faculty of Agriculture at Harran University in September 2003, was completed in 2006. One of the most important goals of the Project, as the name of the project indicates, was to preserve the gene pool of saffron and re-popularize its cultivation across Turkey. Three years after the launching of the Project, as the number of saffron bulbs had increased and new cultivation methods had been tried, saffron cultivation gained much publicity, especially as a result of newspaper articles and news reports. When the Project was completed, experience gained during the Project, especially on saffron cultivation, were documented in a book titled, "Saffron Flowers in Harran (Harran'da Safran Çiçekleri)", which was published in December 2007.

According to the results of a survey by GFK Turkey in 2007, the Project was among the top five most recognizable environmental projects undertaken in Turkey. The Saffron Project also received many national and international awards, including the first prize at the 2004 Golden World Awards in the "Environment" category; the United Nations Honorary Award in 2004; Active Academy Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2004; Platin Magazine's Those at the Top - The Social Responsibility Project that Shines a Light on Turkey Award in 2005.