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Read, Think, Share

"Read, Think, Share" is a social responsibility project implemented by Yapı Kredi Portfolio Management at 60 schools.

The project was launched in cooperation with the Young Guru Academy (Hayal Ortakları Derneği) in November 2008. The Yapı Kredi Portfolio Management established a Creative Library at Hatemoğlu Elementary School located in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul and 22 volunteers from the company offered special training sessions to students in this library for one year. Yapı Kredi Portfolio employees who attended these sessions as moderators and observers implemented training modules, such as positive thinking, responsibility and inner discipline, assertiveness, learning from one's mistakes and managing one's prejudices.

The project is still being implemented at 60 schools across Turkey. The schools are chosen by the Ministry of National Education. The project is being implemented with the participation of the most successful students of each school and volunteer moderators and observers. Students are chosen by school administrators and teachers. The "Read, Think, Share" project has been implemented to train students studying at elementary schools who read regularly, inquire, think creatively, express their opinions clearly to be highly perceptive individuals who have the ability to synthesize information; who are cultured and who espouse high moral values.