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Forestation Efforts and Paper Saving Projects

Yapı Kredi, in accordance with its corporate citizenship principle, conducts efforts for preservation of the environment in addition to its cultural, art and education projects.

Banking Packages

Yapı Kredi have planted saplings on behalf of 150,000 customers who have become members of the Oak, Juniper, Pine and Plane banking packages offered to its retail and SME customers. The packages of the saplings that Yapı Kredi developed under its social responsibility approach, were planted through assistance of TEMA Foundation. Integrating environmental sustainability mission into its products and services, Yapı Kredi has created forests in Tekirdağ, Antalya, Konya and Urfa thanks to the 150 thousand saplings planted. Thanks to the forests created in four different regions of Turkey, a significant step has been taken for sustainability of the natural life.

Let Account Statements Become Trees

Within the scope of the campaign titled “Let Account Statements Become Trees” realized in 2009 by Yapı Kredi under its social responsibility approach, electronic account statement instructions obtained by the call center, branches and direct sales teams have been transformed to the World Forest of 6 thousand saplings in Tekirdağ at the planting ceremony held in May.

All YKB credit card holders giving instruction for electronic account statements under the campaign have contributed to the World Forest created through TEMA Foundation. Yapı Kredi took a giant step for protection of the nature by taking 1 million e-statement instructions from its customers in 2009 and thus prevented cutting of nearly 27 thousand trees.

Yapı Kredi Mersin Gülnar Forest

Considering that the main factor in the future of Turkey and the World lies in the protection of the environment, Yapı Kredi took actions for the forest which was totally destructed at the fire that has broken out in Gülnar, Mersin in July 2008. Yapı Kredi created a 100 thousand tree forest at Gülnar, Mersin under the forestation effort titled “700 thousand saplings in 7 Regions” initiated within the scope of the “Forests for my Country” project undertaken by Koç Group and carried out in collaboration with TEMA and the Ministry of Environment and Forest

Paper Saving Project

According to Yapı Kredi, major losses can not be avoided by just forestation efforts conducted under protection of the nature, and therefore it takes actions with the “Paper Saving” project in order to ensure reduction in use of natural resources. Within the scope of this project, Yapı Kredi decided to stop production of promotional materials such as organizer and calendars, which used to be prepared for the New Year’s Eve and other special days, and has began sending greeting cards on electronic media four years ago. By this decision alone, Yapı Kredi reduced paper consumption by 30% according to assessments and saved 55 thousand trees from being cut on an annual basis. Similarly, measures have been taken for decreasing electricity and water consumption in all work places, notably at the head office.

Visuals From The Project