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Yapı Kredi considers preservation of the natural resources of our country as one of its essential missions. The "Unlimited Blue" project, carried out jointly by Yapı Kredi and the Deniztemiz / Turmepa Association, aims to create awareness on the matter and among elementary education and high school students for preservation of the natural resources. The two stage education programs are first offered to teachers and then through them to students. The 5-year project intends to reach over 6.5 million students, especially those who attend in the schools located at the pilot regions. Since its inception, the project has reached to 4,500,000 students at 9,877 schools.

The Unlimited Blue Project also embraced its group of volunteers in 2009. Total of 119 Yapı Kredi employees from 21 different cities of Turkey applied for becoming Unlimited Blue volunteers. The Unlimited Blue Volunteer Group had its first event at Istanbul Heybeliada. Yapı Kredi employees, elementary school students and members of the Yapı Kredi Diving Club participated in the shore and sea cleaning activity with Heybeliada elementary school students held on Sunday, 31 May 2009.

For details, please visit www.turmepa.org.tr

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