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Yapı Kredi, in cooperation with the Vehbi Koç Foundation, launched the "Type B Fund" product as part of the "No Barriers for my Country" project run by Koç Holding. Nearly 70 percent of the revenues earned from the sale of the fund, which was established under the theme of "No Barriers for my Country" of Koç Holding for 2012-2013, are used exclusively for retrofitting schools to accommodate disabled students.

As a result, investors not only earn revenue by adding a new product to their existing portfolio but also contributing to a very valuable project without having to pay anything extra.

In the coming period, the investment fund may widen its focus as "For my Country" projects expand in scope. As a result, individuals with different issue priorities will be able to participate in the projects.

The new fund, launched in partnership between Yapı Kredi and the Vehbi Koç Foundation, has begun to perform very well in a relatively short period of time. The fact that the fund has attracted strong demand from investors indicates that the target set at the launch of the project will be reached in a short period of time. Two schools in Istanbul and Samsun have already been retrofitted to allow disabled students to continue with their education.