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The Architect Sinan Documentary

Contributing to hundreds of projects with intentions to enrich the culture-art life of our country and bring the community together with high quality art works, in 2009 Yapı Kredi provided support for production of the documentary film titled “Architecture and Love”, reviving the Architect Sinan and his eternal works once more. The documentary “Architecture and Love” does not only portray the Great Sinan as an engineer and scientist, but also shows his love for the “unattainable and divine”, which has marked his works, and is available in DVD format for architecture, art and history enthusiasts.

The document providing a lyric view on the life of the Architect Sinan, recognized as one of the all-time greatest geniuses of the world architecture history, is produced and directed by Cengiz Özdemir. Dr. Sinan Genim and Prof. Azmi Özcan contributed as consultants for the documentary film, which is enriched by interviews held with expert names in various fields such as İskender Pala and Metin Sözen. Produced in one year with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the documentary “Architecture and Love” sheds a light on the culture and art life of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.