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Turkey is a becoming an increasingly holiday destination with its all year round sunshine Mediterranean climate particularly along the southern and western coasts. It is also attractive buying property in Turkey because of the potential returns on investment.

Founded in 1944 as Turkey’s First privately-owned bank with a nationwide presence, Yapı Kredi has always played an important role in the development of the domestic economy and set standards in the Turkish banking sector with innovative products and services.

Yapı Kredi with an expertise at Mortgages will assist you by providing information with this guide.

Buying a house in Turkey as a foreigner:

Foreigners can own land and houses in Turkey. The people of the nations that allow Turks to buy land in their countries, can in return, buy land in Turkey. The reciprocity list is available in our branches.

Non-Turkish citizens need permission from the military authorities before buying a property. Land Registry office (known as “TAPU” in Turkish) will ask the prior approval or permission of the highest military command of the area before transferring the title. This is a standard procedure for all foreign purchases in Turkey to ensure that the land on which your property is built is not in a military, strategic or security zone. It is important to note that this search period can take nearly 3 months. In Turkey you are not obliged to employ a notary for title transfer.

As a buyer, it will help you to use following check-list:

  • Does the seller actually own the property? Current legal status of the property can be checked at the title deed office.
  • Make sure there is not any outstanding mortgages and/ or pledges on the property.
  • Check the building permit.
  • If the purchase agreement is drawn up by a notary, it helps to resolve problems in the event of a dispute.
  • Check whether there is any “İskan ruhsatı” or a “Yapı Kullanım İzni”.
  • Find out local taxes and service costs.
  • You may wish to provide a power of attorney if you seek advice from a solicitor who has experience on Turkish Property Law and can give legal advice.
  • At the transfer and registration process, the local civil employee of the Office of Land registry may ask that you employ a translator to ensure that you understand all the details.

How to apply for a Mortgage?

You can fill the application form here ( Turkish / Russian / English )and mail, fax, e-mail or personally deliver to the selected branches listed below:

Branch Name Telephone Number Fax Number City District Address Postal Code
Merkez Plaza 0212 339 63 66 0212 339 58 42 Istanbul Besiktas Çamlik Sok. Yapi Kredi Plaza D Blok 34330 Levent / Istanbul 34330
Altiyol 0216 418 11 00 0216 556 27 69 Istanbul Kadiköy Sögütlü Çesme Caddesi, No:87 Kadiköy / Istanbul 34714
Atasehir 0216 455 37 17 0216 542 06 54 Istanbul Atasehir 41 Ada Ata 4-4 Çarsisi No:7 Atasehir Kadiköy / Istanbul 34758
Ortaköy 0212 258 99 66 0212 339 58 11 Istanbul Besiktas Muallim Naci Cad.No:9-17 34347 Besiktas / Istanbul 34347
Osmanbey 0212 291 10 75 0212 339 58 26 Istanbul Sisli Rumeli Cad. No:85 34371 Sisli / Istanbul 34371
Antalya 0242 243 03 50 0242 249 80 07 Antalya Merkez Elmali Mah.Kazim Özalp Cad.No:3 07040 Antalya 07040
Muratpasa 0242 247 40 30 0242 249 80 31 Antalya Merkez Tahilpazari Mahallesi Sarampol Caddesi No:66 Antalya 07040
Perge 0242 312 75 44 0242 249 80 35 Antalya Merkez Aspendos Bulvari No:35 Muratpasa / Antalya 07200
Aliçetinkaya 0242 322 44 90 0242 249 80 08 Antalya Merkez Kiziltoprak Mah.PTT Kavsagi Mevlana Cd.Hatice Uysal Ap.No:1-2 07100 Antalya 07100
Lara 0242 316 70 50 0242 249 80 24 Antalya Merkez Sirinyali Mahallesi, Özgürlük Bulvari, No: 354 / 4 07235
Üçkapilar 0242 247 91 93 0242 249 80 25 Antalya Merkez Hasim Iscan Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi No:33 Antalya 07100
Alanya Keykubat 0242 522 35 40 0242 249 80 27 Antalya Alanya Sugözü Mah. Çevre Yolu Üzeri Telekom Yani Akti Apt. No: 2 Alanya / Antalya 07400
Kepez 0242 339 02 70 0242 249 80 42 Antalya Kepez Teomanpasa Mahallesi Yesilirmak Caddesi No:30 Kepez / Antalya
Mugla 0252 2141512 0252 211 30 01 Mugla Merkez Ismet Inönü Cad. No:37 48000 Mugla 48000
Marmaris Uzunyali 0252 417 07 66 0252 211 30 12 Mugla Marmaris Kemal Seyfettin Elgin Bulvari No: 80 Marmaris / Mugla 48700
Bodrum Karya 0252 313 39 00 0252 211 30 13 Mugla Bodrum Kibris Sehitleri Caddesi, Yüksel Çaglar Is Merkezi, No:26/18 Bodrum / Mugla 48400
Kusadasi 0256 612 61 57 0256 612 66 42 Aydin Kusadasi Atatürk Cadesi No:16/C Kusadasi / Aydin 09400
Çesme 0232 712 32 52 0232 498 11 72 Izmir Çesme 16 Eylül Mahallesi 3001.Sokak No:8 Çesme/ Izmir
Izmir 0232 441 57 57 0232 498 11 57 Izmir Konak Gazi Bulvari, Egehan, No:3 Pasaport / Izmir 35210
Dikili 0232 671 22 46 0232 498 11 69 Izmir Dikili Ismetpasa Mah.Adnan Menderes Cad. No:21/A-B-C-D-E-F Dikili / Izmir 35980

Please deliver the following required documents with your application form:

  • Title deed for condominium ownership or for right of easement on individual section, of the house to be purchased
  • Photocopy of passport or residence permit, (containing domicile address of the relevant person abroad)
  • Official tax declaration regarding the previous year, to be taken from the country where the client resides
  • Latest quarterly pay roll signed by the employer abroad (for working persons) or retirement letter (for retired persons)
  • Bank account book which contains the transactions in the relevant account in the latest 6 months period or credit card/credit account statement (approved by the bank)
  • Reference letter for employees (approved by employer firm abroad)
  • Official document certifying personal assets
  • Credit Registration Bureau (CRB) Record from the country where the client resides
  • Copy of an invoice (water, electricity, etc.) proving the address of client in the country where he/she resides

* All of the documents are required for the “Borrower” and for “Surety”, if any, and it is essential that originals of these documents be shown at the time of application. Official translation of all documents other than Turkish or English into English is required.

How to get a Mortgage?

  • After the delivery of application form and other documents the application procedure will start.
  • If your application is pre approved, we will request you to transfer appraisal fee to the account of Yapi Kredi for the survey of the property.
  • Following the report result we will re-assess your application on the basis of the survey and if approved prepare an offer.
  • You are asked to sign proposal within 3 weeks.
  • After signing the proposal, within a period of 3 months you need to obtain the following documents:
    • Approval of the Ministry of Defence (Savunma Bakanligi)
    • DASK (Nature Disaster Insurance)
    • House Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Set a date on which all parties will be present at the “Tapu” for the property transfer and mortgage on the title deed
  • The Customer Relationship Manager at branch will request the signing of the Home Financing Pre-Agreement Information Form, as well as the Home Financing (Mortgage) Agreement and the Payment Plan.
  • The title deeds will be signed at the Land Registry Office and the mortgage deed will be issued to Yapi Kredi Bank.

How to pay a Mortgage?

  • You open an account at Yapı Kredi Bank in your own name. All you need to do is to get a tax number, and then submit it with a copy of your passaport to the Yapı Kredi branch. If you don’t have a tax number Yapı Kredi Bank can help you to get one.
  • You can transfer the money from your account at your home country by simply filling out a transfer form via giving the name, address, branch code and IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of your Turkish Bank account.
  • For money transferring, Yapı Kredi Bank offers Expatriate Banking, which provides full foreign currency and Turkish Lira services including deposits, and savings accounts, credit cards, overdraft facility and debit cards.
  • You can do your banking transactions in English via our online banking and 444 0 444 / 0850 222 0 444.
Issue Feature
Loan to value Maximum loan to value ratio for EU member countries, Norway and Switzerland citizens is 65% of the appraised value of the property. For other countries, the maximum loan to value is 50%
Debt to income Maximum net salary to spend to monthly repayment 40%
Maximum loan amount 500,000 TL or its equivalent in other available currencies.
Nationalities Countries that have a reciprocity agreement with Turkey
Maturity 10 years maximum term
Loan in Turkish Lira, Euro, British Sterling, US Dollar and Swiss Franc. (in accordance with the living country currency)
Interest type Fixed
Early Payment Will be applied to all early payments for fixed rate mortgages
Property valuation Done by Yapi Kredi or appointed appraisal by Yapi Kredi
Age of application 18-70, 70 is the maximum age at the end of maturity
Fees & Commissions Loan opening fee, appraisal fee, fee for establishing mortgage will be applied.
Insurances Life insurance, DASK (Nature Disaster Insurance) and House Insurance.
Validity of the pre offer 3 months
Off plan mortgage Yapi Kredi makes deals with project developers to finance uncompleted houses in a project. Go to your nearest branch to ask for the housing projects that Yapi Kredi has an agreement.
Monthly installment payments Required to have a bank account at Yapi Kredi. Automatic payment from this account.