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Dual Currency Term Loan Facilities

US$ 1.5 billion Dual Currency Term Loan Facilities

On 8 May 2018, Yapı Kredi successfully signed a syndicated loan agreement comprised of a 367 day and a 2 year 1 business day tranche totalling US$ 1.5 billion. The syndication is secured through four different tranches; US$ 332 million and Euro 898 million at 367 day maturity and US$ 50 million and Euro 25 million at 2 year 1 day maturity. This syndication is the successful refinancing of Yapı Kredi’s existing syndication loan signed on 4 May 2017 with a 111% roll-over ratio following the scale-back.

 The Dual Currency Term Loan Facility has been raised by a syndicate including 48 of Yapı Kredi’s key relationship banks from 19 countries. The all-in cost was realised at Libor + 130 bps and Euribor + 120 bps for the 367 day tranche and Libor + 210 bps and Euribor + 150 bps for the 2 year and 1 business day tranche. The loan is intended to be used for trade finance activities and general corporate purposes.


Istanbul, 9 May 2018


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