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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking

What is Mobile Banking?

Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking applications offer a Mobile Banking experience suitable for everyone, regardless of the make and model of their mobile device.

You can start using our Mobile Banking services by downloading our special iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8 or Android Tablet applications or by simply accessing on your device’s internet browser.

Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking applications come with the following features:

  • • Mobile Banking lets you perform banking transactions wherever and whenever you want.
  • • OTP Mobile generates a single-use password for Internet/Mobile Banking access
  • • Financial Services such as personal loans, funds, foreign currency calculations, interest and currency price tracking and access to product and campaign information. You may also find the location of your nearest Yapı Kredi Branch or ATM.

Who can take advantage of Mobile Banking applications?

The Financial Services feature of Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking applications is available to anyone, whether they are Yapı Kredi customers or not, whereas Mobile Banking and OTP services are offered to Yapı Kredi customers only.

Who can use Mobile Banking?

All Individual Internet Banking members who own a mobile phone or a tablet may use Mobile Banking to complete banking transactions on their mobile devices without any time restrictions.

How can I get a Mobile Banking password?

You need to become an Internet Banking member in order to use Mobile Banking

What kinds of services are offered with Mobile Banking?

1. Mobile Banking Transactions

  • a. My Accounts

    • i. Account Summary

  • b. My Credit Cards

    • i. Current Statement Transactions

    • ii. Account Statement

    • iii. Balance Payment

    • iv. Current Card Details

    • v. Worldpoint Details

    • vi. Virtual Card Transactions

  • c. Money Transfers

    • i. Remittances

      • 1. Bump To Send

      • 2. Remittances Between Your Accounts

      • 3. Remittance from Current Account

      • 4. Remittance from Credit Card

      • 5. Remittance from Smart Guide

    • ii. EFT Transactions

      • 1. EFT from Current Account

      • 2. EFT from Credit Card

      • 3. EFT from Smart Guide

      • 4. Inquiry/Cancellation

  • d. Investments - Foreign Exchange Transactions

    • i. Investments - Foreign Exchange Transactions

      • 1. Foreign Exchange List

      • 2. Buy

      • 3. Sell

    • ii. Fund Transactions

      • 1. Fund List

      • 2. Buy

      • 3. Sell

    • iii. Time Deposit Transactions

      • 1. Time Deposits

      • 2. Time Deposit Interest Rates

      • 3. Open Time Deposit

      • 4. Close Time Deposit

  • e. Bump To Send

    • i. Start Bump to Send

    • ii. Settings

    • iii. History

  • f. Payment Center

    • i. Bill Transactions

      • 1. Instant Bill Payment

      • 2. Bill Payment from Smart Guide

      • 3. Bill Payment Cancelation

    • ii. Credit Card Payments

      • 1. Balance Payment

      • 2. Payment to Other Yapı Credit Cards

      • 3. Payment to Other Bank Credit Cards

    • iii. Buying Credit for Prepaid Phones

      • 1. Buying Credit for Prepaid Phones from Current Account

      • 2. Buying Credit for Prepaid Phones from Credit Card

  • g. Smart Guide

  • h. My Details

  • i. Security Settings

    • i. Change Password

    • ii. Settings for Authorization and Limits

    • iii. Settings for Account Restrictions

    • iv. Time Settings

    • v. Holiday Settings

    • vi. Access Authorization

  • j. Session History

2. Financial Services

  • a. Calculation Tools

    • i. Personal Loan Calculation

    • ii. Repo Calculation

    • iii. Deposit Interest Rate Calculation

    • iv. Fund Calculation

    • v. Flexible Calculation

    • vi. Currency Calculation

  • b. Interests and Fees

    • i. Foreign Exchange Rates

    • ii. Retail Loans

    • iii. Fund Prices

    • iv.Term Deposit Interest Rates

    • v.Repo Rates

  • c. Currency Calculation

  • d. Nearest Yapı Kredi Branch

  • e. Stock Market on Mobile / Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Information

  • f. Products and Campaigns

  • g. Share with Facebook/Twitter

  • h. Shortcut to Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking Call

Is there an additional fee or commission for Mobile Banking transactions ?

There are no additional fees or commissions for Mobile Banking transactions. On top of that d EFT and Remittance are free of charge at Mobile Banking until July 01, 2014. Mobile internet connection for Mobile Banking charges will be determined by customers’ GSM operator.

Can I perform mobile banking transactions without downloading an application onto my Mobile Device?

You can access Mobile Banking by downloading any of the applications provided for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 8 or Android Tablet devices or by accessing on your mobile device’s internet browser without downloading an application.

On top of that internet connection* and EFT/Remittance** are free of charge at Mobile Banking

*Mobile internet connection for Mobile Banking from Turkcell and Avea are free of charge. Connection charges for Vodafone customers will be determined from Vodafone.

** EFT and Remittance are free of charge at Mobile Banking until June 30, 2012.

Where can I get information regarding Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking transactions?

Our representatives will be happy to answer your questions regarding Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking. Just call Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking at 444 0 444 and press 4 and then 1, respectively.

Can I use Mobile Banking abroad?

You may use Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking applications anywhere you can access the Internet via your Mobile Device

What happens if I receive an SMS or a call while performing Mobile Banking transactions?

The application will fade into the background and keep working for a short amount of time. You may continue with your transaction if you go back to it within the given time. Otherwise, you will need to access the system again.

What are the transaction limits with Mobile Banking?

Yapı Kredi Mobile Banking transaction limits are the same as your Internet Banking transaction limits. You can access your Internet Banking transaction limits from here. You can change your transaction authorization and limit settings from the Internet Banking Security Settings – User Settings menu.

OTP Mobile

How can I use OTP Mobile as a part of my Mobile Banking application?

A "single-use password application," OTP is now integrated to work with Mobile Banking applications adapted for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. You can generate a single-use password for Internet/Mobile Banking access and transaction approvals by activating OTP in your Mobile Banking application. You may use your OTP PIN number for Mobile Banking access and transaction approvals without the need of generating a password.

Please click here to activate OTP in three steps

  • 1. Download the Mobile Banking applications tailored for iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet and BlackBerry devices (OTP Mobile is already included in these applications) or download the Java-compatible OTP Mobile on your device.
  • 2. Previous OTP Mobile users need to cancel their current membership by contacting Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking at 444-0-444 and pressing 4. First-time users of OTP Mobile may continue with their transactions starting from step two.
  • 3. Apply for OTP Mobile by accessing your Retail Internet Banking Security Settings – OTP Mobile menu. Activate your OTP Mobile with the Authorization Code and Serial Number provided during the application.

I have downloaded OTP Mobile from the App Store, Android Market, Blackberry Market or What do I have to do to get started?

Apply for OTP Mobile by using Yapı Kredi Internet Banking’s Security/Single-Use Password menu. Activate your OTP Mobile by generating a single-use password with the PIN number sent to your mobile phone and by following the installation instructions on the screen.

How can I generate a password with OTP Mobile?

If you wish to generate a Single-Use Password after downloading an iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet or Blackberry-compatible Mobile Banking Application or after downloading a Java OTP Mobile application onto your Java compatible mobile phone:

  • 1. Go to OTP Mobile or the Java-compatible OTP Mobile application in Mobile Banking.
  • 2. Select "Generate OTP Password" from the current menu.
  • 3. Enter the OTP Mobile user password (PIN) you created during setup.
  • 4. Your Single-Use Password will be displayed on screen after you approve the password.
  • 5. You must access Internet Banking within 40 seconds by using your eight-digit Single-Use Password. Otherwise, your password will disappear from the screen.

Can I use OTP Mobile and OTP Token at the same time?

If you currently have OTP Token, you will need to cancel that membership in order to get OTP Mobile.

What happens if I do not use the password I generated with OTP Mobile?

Generating a consecutive number of passwords and not using them will result in a synchronization error. Therefore, for your security, you will receive a "wrong password" warning on your next attempt to access Internet Banking. To correct this error and reinstate your OTP Mobile system, please call our customer representatives on the Internet Banking Support line at 444 0 444 / 4 for Retail Internet Banking and at 444 0 448 / 4 for Corporate Internet Banking.

The application has been deleted. Can I use it again?

Deactivate your current OTP Mobile first by calling Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking at 444 0 444. Then re-apply for an OTP Mobile that is compatible with your mobile phone by using Yapı Kredi Internet Banking. To active and start using your OTP Mobile, download and install it either from the App Store, Android Market or Blackberry Market, from the link that was sent to you during your application, or by going directly to

How do I reactivate OTP Mobile?

In order to reactive OTP Mobile after cancellation, apply for OTP Mobile via Internet Banking without deleting the application on your mobile phone. Then, just reactivate your OTP Mobile from the Activation menu included in OTP Mobile.

I forgot my OTP Mobile PIN number. What do I need to do ?

You need to reapply by using the Internet Banking Security Settings/OTP Mobile menu via Yapı Kredi Internet Banking after cancelling your OTP Mobile by calling Yapı Kredi Telephone Banking at 444 0 444.

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