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Shareholding Structure

Yapı Kredi has a strong shareholding structure which ensures sustainable and profitable growth. 81.8% of the Bank’s shares are owned by Koç Financial Services, a 50%-50% joint venture between UniCredit Group and Koç Group. The remaining 18.2% is publicly traded on Borsa Istanbul and Global Depositary Receipts that represent the Bank’s shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange.

Shareholder Amount of Ordinary Shares
(in Turkish Lira)
Percentage Ownership
Total 4,347,051,284.00 100

Koç Group

Koç Group founded in 1926, is the largest conglomerate in Turkey with its turnover, exports and 95 thousand employees. Koç Group’s turnover corresponds 6.3% of Turkey’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and exports comprise 9.5% of Turkey’s total exports.

Major Indicators (2016)

  • Assets: EUR 23.7 billion
  • Revenues: EUR 21,238 million
  • Net Income: EUR 1,036 million
  • Employees: 95 thousand

UniCredit Group

UniCredit Group, with roots dating back to 1473, is a systematically important European financial institution based in Italy. The Group operates through leading banks in 14 countries and its network in another 18 countries.

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Major Indicators (2016)

  • Assets: EUR 860 billion
  • Revenues: EUR 18,801 million
  • Net Income: EUR -11,790 million