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Sustainability Governance at Yapı Kredi

Yapı Kredi Sustainability Committee was established to formulate Yapı Kredi’s sustainability strategy and policies in economic, social and environmental areas, integrate this strategy and these policies into company operations, and monitor its sustainability performance. Representing various management units, the committee also includes a Board Member among its members. The committee is co-chaired by the Board Member and the Director of Corporate Communications Management. Meeting twice a year to monitor and guide developments in sustainability, the Sustainability Committee reports to the Executive Committee and to the Board of Directors annually.

A Sustainability Working Group was formed with participation of relevant departments of the Bank in order to implement the strategy determined by the Sustainability Committee and coordinate relevant efforts. The group is divided into a number of sub-groups, each with a distinct function and area of expertise. Operating under Corporate Communications Management, the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability unit is responsible for;

  • Coordinating the Sustainability Working Group and its sub-groups,
  • Monitoring goal progress and performance of the groups,
  • Performing data consolidation,
  • Evaluating activities in line with sustainability goals,
  • Handling Yapı Kredi’s internal and external communications with regards to sustainability issues.