We Are Here For You

Vision, Mission, Strategy & Values


To be the undisputed leader in the finance sector.


To ensure long-term sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders, and become the first choice of customers and employees.


Healthy and Consistent Growth

Focus on core banking activities, growth in value generating segments and products, continuous improvement in commercial effectiveness, expansion of market presence and funding diversification to sustain long-term performance.

Strong and Sustainable Profitability

Address specific customer needs via segment based service model, optimise cost to serve to improve competitiveness and maintain effective cost, risk and capital management.

Superior and Long-lasting Customer Satisfaction

Enhance easy to work with approach through continuous investments in technology and delivery channels while maintaining focus on innovation, employee satisfaction and loyalty.



Yapı Kredi employees express their opinions easily through appropriate and constructive methods; they act in accordance with the Bank’s values and contribute to the future of the corporation.


Yapı Kredi employees treat their customers, colleagues and the Bank’s stakeholders in a consistent manner without seeking personal gain; they make objective decisions and act in accordance with their values while focusing on corporate and social responsibility.


Yapı Kredi employees listen to their customers and colleagues, irrespective of their identities, to understand their needs. They respect the opinion of others and know that their opinions and ideas also count.


Yapı Kredi employees build relationships based on trust with all relevant parties utilising their banking knowledge, skills and commitment to corporate values; they trust those that they grant responsibility and authority. Consistent with the Bank’s corporate values, Yapı Kredi employees keep their promises in a timely and accurate manner. They take responsibility for their customers’ problems, find rapid solutions and follow up on the results.


Yapı Kredi employees share relevant corporate information with their customers, colleagues and other stakeholders in a transparent and timely manner while adhering to the Bank’s confidentiality principles and ensuring accessibility; they express their opinions with the same degree of transparency.