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Organisational Structure

Yapı Kredi serves its customers through retail banking (individual banking, SME (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) banking, card payment systems), corporate and commercial banking, and private banking supported by product factories in asset management, brokerage, leasing and factoring as well as international banking operations in the Netherlands and Azerbaijan.

The Bank’s shares are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange and Global Depository Receipts that represent the Bank’s shares are quoted on the London Stock Exchange

(1) YK Faktoring: Yapı Kredi 99.95%, Other 0.04%, YKL 0.01%

(2) YK Leasing(YKL): Yapı Kredi 99.99%, Other 0.01%. YKL also has 19.93% stake in Yapı Kredi Emeklilik which was sold to Allianz SE by Yapı Kredi Group on 12 July 2013.

(3) YK Portföy Yönetimi: YKY 87.32%, Yapı Kredi 12.65%, Other 0.03%

(4) YK Yatırım(YKY): Yapı Kredi 99.98%, Other 0.02%

(5) YK Azerbaijan: Yapı Kredi 99.80%, YKL 0.1%, YKY 0.1%

(6) YK Nederland: Yapı Kredi 67.24%, YK Holding BV 32.76%

(7) YK Malta: Yapı Kredi 100%