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Business Model

Yapi Kredi’s strategic business unit based service model consists of three major segments:

  • Retail Banking (including Individual, SME and Card Payment Systems)
  • Corporate & Commercial Banking
  • Private Banking and Wealth Mangement

According to Yapı Kredi’s organisational structure, Yapı Kredi Leasing, Yapı Kredi Factoring as well as Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland and Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan are under the coordination of corporate and commercial banking. Yapı Kredi Asset Management, Yapı Kredi Invest and Yapı Kredi B Type Investment Trust are under the coordination of private banking and wealth management. Other subsidiaries include Yapı Kredi Koray Real Estate Investment Trust, Banque de Commerce et de Placements as well as Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing.

With payroll customer acquisitions in 2017, Yapı Kredi maintained a successful progress in creating new customer relationships. As of the end of 2017, the Bank reached over 2.1 million payroll customers at an annual growth rate of 10%. Relationship with payroll customers is not only a key part of the Bank’s retail strategy but also helps Yapi Kredi create synergies with Corporate Banking customers

Products and Services

Mortgages, Home Equity Loans, Home Improvement Loans, General Purpose Loans, Auto Loans, FordFinans, Individual Flexible Account, Product Bundles, Bill Payments, Regular Payments, Rent Payments, University Payments, Safety Deposit Box, Deposits (Time Deposit, Demand Deposit, Flexible Time Deposit, Fund Deposit, Gold Deposit, 5D Deposit), Scrap Gold Collection, Working Account, Private Pensions, Health insurance, Life insurance, Property and Casualty Insurance, Snowball, My first money, Dowry Deposit, House Deposit, Findeks Package

Key Highlights YE17

  • Number of Customers: 12.1 million
  • Branches: 787
  • Relationship Managers: 1,725

2017 was marked with major innovations in SME Banking segment of Yapı Kredi. A new service model was introduced, dividing SME customers in sub-segments. SMEs with an annual turnover up to TL 1 million now receive services by retail customer managers with a digital-focus service model, supported by non-branch channels. Those with an annual turnover between TL 1 million and 5 million are now served by relationship managers, while those with more than TL 5 million annual turnover are served by portfolio managers of Large Scale Enterprises. The segmentation enables faster and more effective identification and management of customer needs.

Products and Services

Commercial Instalment Loans, Revolving Loans, Flexible Commercial Accounts, Product Bundles, POS and Merchant Services, Agricultural Loans, Cash Management Products, Investment Products, Commercial Credit Cards, Commercial Purchasing Cards, Corporate Mobile Banking, Verimli Kart, SME web site

Key Highlights YE17

  • Number of Customers: 1.1 million
  • Branches: 787
  • Relationship Managers: 1,888

Yapı Kredi has been the leader in card payment systems since 1988 with its main credit card brand, World. The bank reinforces this leadership every year with a focus on always exceeding customer expectations and leading the sector in terms of innovation in card payment systems. In 2017, the Bank maintained its innovative approach and leading position in the sector with over 11.0 million credit cards. According to the 2017 Nilson Report, Yapı Kredi’s credit card program World still holds first place in Continental Europe and sustained its position as the sixth largest credit card program in Europe. Globally, Yapı Kredi ranks 56th.

Products and Services

Worldcard, World Gold, World Platinum, Play, Taksitçi, World Eko, Opet Worldcard, Fenerbahçe Worldcard, KoçAilem Worldcard, Adios, Adios Premium, Crystal, World Business, Debit cards (TLcard, Play TLcard, Business TLcard), World Gift Card, Desktop POS, Mobile POS, Contactless POS, ADSL POS, Cash Register POS, Virtual POS, Mail Order

Key Highlights YE17

  • Number of Credit Cards: 11.1 million
  • Number of Debit Cards: 11.1 million
  • Number of Customers: 6.0 million
  • Number of POS: 532 thousand

Corporate and commercial banking serves companies with annual turnover of more than US$ 10 million, sub-segmented under commercial (between US$ 10 -100 million) and corporate (over US$ 100 million)

Products and Services

Letter of Guarantee, Money Transfers, Working Capital, Long-Term Loans, Project Finance, Direct Debit, BANKOTM-OHES, Payment Products, Collection Products, Business Cards, POS, Public Payments, Derivatives, Import and Export Letter of Credit, Documentary Collection, Payments, Letters of Guarantee, Import and Export Financing Products (ECA’s, Banker’s Acceptance, Post Financing, Trade Loans, Forfaiting, Import and Prefinancing Promissory Note Avalisation, T.Eximbank Credits), Corporate Finance Advisory, Financial Advisory, Merger and Acquisition Financing, Capital Structure Advisory

Key Highlights YE17

  • Number of Customers: 36 thousand
  • Branches: 51
  • Relationship Managers: 574

Yapı Kredi, serves its customers with more than TL 500 thousand total financial assets through Private Banking. Yapı Kredi continued its activities in private banking and wealth management in 2017 with TL 45.4 billion in customer assets, 22 private banking centers and 22 thousand customers.

Yapı Kredi Private Banking and Wealth Management offers the entire range of banking products and services for all customer financial needs, as well as integrated wealth management through the bank’s subsidiaries Yapı Kredi Invest and Yapı Kredi Asset Management.

Products and Services

Mutual Funds, Yapı Kredi Bills and Bonds, Private Sector Bills, Indexed Time Deposits, Fund Deposits, Equity, TradeBOX, FXBOX, Warrants, TurkDEX Transactions, Futures and Options, Structured Products, Derivatives, Smart Fund Basket

Key Highlights YE17

  • Number of Customers: 22 thousand
  • Branches: 22
  • Relationship Managers: 163

Yapı Kredi Leasing

Established in 1987, Yapı Kredi Leasing is 99.99% owned by Yapı Kredi. Having been the sector leader for the past eight years, Yapı Kredi Leasing holds a market share of 20.7% in leasing receivables this year. With 146 employees and 14 branches, Yapı Kredi Leasing continues to leave a mark in the leasing sector and fulfill customer needs at any time, by providing smart solutions through a team of experts and vast experience. Additionally, it is constantly developing new products for niche areas such as renewable energy projects leveraging on unique partnership agreements with local and global suppliers to deliver creative solutions.

In 2017, Yapı Kredi Leasing maintained its leadership in the sector. It continued to secure financing for machinery investments in the real sector, especially for the manufacturing and construction equipment industries.

Yapı Kredi Leasing will seek to preserve leadership in the sector, consolidate its customer network and sector positioning in 2018.

Yapı Kredi Factoring

Established in 1999 and 99.95% owned by Yapı Kredi, Yapı Kredi Factoring has been the sector leader in factoring turnover for the last 17 years, thanks to its robust capital structure and performance, wealth of experience, high quality service and an expert team of 122.

Yapı Kredi Factoring has a market share of 15.3% in total transaction volume, and 24.2% in international factoring volume . In addition, the Company reached a total transaction volume of TL 22 billion, of which 70% is derived from domestic transactions and 30% from international transactions. Yapı Kredi Factoring renders factoring services across the country through its HQ in Istanbul and branches in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Beyoğlu, Bursa, Güneşli, Izmir, Kadıköy and Kartal.

In 2017, Yapı Kredi Factoring diversified its funding sources to provide financing to its customers at a more affordable rate.

The synergy resulting from its close relationship with Yapı Kredi and, particularly, its nationwide sales and service network, constitutes one of Yapı Kredi Faktoring’s most important service and competitive advantages.

Since 2002, Yapı Kredi Factoring has ranked among the top companies in the Factors Chain International’s Best Export Factoring Company index worldwide. In 2017, the Company was ranked second with a service quality of “excellent”. Yapı Kredi Faktoring is also a full member of the Amsterdam-based FCI headquartered as well as a member of the Turkish Factoring Association.

Yapı Kredi Factoring aims to increase customer numbers and penetration in all segments in 2018, while deepening relationships with existing customers.

Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland

Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland offers a wide array of products and services in retail, corporate and private banking. The bank’s main objective is to support Yapı Kredi’s customer base residing abroad. The bank, whose shares are fully owned by Yapı Kredi, serves its customers through its head office in Amsterdam with 53 employees.

In 2017, the bank continued to perform favorably despite regulatory pressure and volatile market conditions. Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland offers savings and deposit products to more than 14 thousand customers in the area of retail banking. In corporate banking, the bank provides structured commodity finance and trade finance solutions leveraging on synergies with Yapı Kredi and UniCredit. Yapı Kredi Bank Nederland, while continuing its trade finance activities where market conditions play a key role,provides its corporate customers marine finance, project finance, cash management as well as Islamic banking products. In the area of correspondent banking, the bank assesses the opportunities presented by money and capital markets based on its balance sheet requirements.

In 2018, the bank will focus on sustaining its customer satisfaction at the highest level while increasing profitability by managing its risks effectively and improving its existing processes. The pilot internet banking service, made available only to a selected group of customers in 2017, will be offered to the entire customer base in 2018.

Yapı Kredi Malta

Yapı Kredi Bank Malta was established in 2014 and started to operate in 2015. The bank mainly focuses on serving Yapı Kredi’s corporate and commercial customers. As of the end of 2017, the Bank increased its total assets to EUR 158 million with a 20% growth over the previous year. This growth is reflected on profitability as well, with the Bank registering net profits of over EUR 1 million by the end of 2017. The Bank continued to take positive steps regarding its performance and its compliance to regulations by taking into account legal requirements.

In 2018, the bank will concentrate on increasing its profitability by expanding its customer base and strengthening its presence in the market, while considering the relevant risk management factors.

Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan

Yapı Kredi Bank Azerbaijan was established in 1998 and is 99.80% owned by Yapı Kredi. The bank provides a wide range of products and services in retail and corporate banking through its 8 branches located in Baku and Sumgait.

The Bank has managed to increase its liquidity to a satisfactory level in 2017, expanding its customer base and deposit boo. In 2017, customer deposits grew by 14% year-over-year to exceed US$ 203 million, while the number of customers reached 287,000 with an 17% increase. While the banking sector of Azerbaijan remains under firm regulatory pressure, the Bank continued to reap the benefits of its efforts towards increasing asset quality despite the market conditions and the uncertainties, established a strong cost-management culture, and increased its profits by 386% over the previous year. Its capital adequacy ratio stood at 20.5%, well above statutory limits.

For 2018, the Bank aims to sustain its healthy position in the sector while driving up its customerfocused profitability.

Yapı Kredi Asset Management

Established in 2002, Yapı Kredi Asset Management is one of the leading asset managers in Turkey. With 60 employees, Yapı Kredi Asset Management operates in a wide range of asset classes, driven with diversified investment products and services, analytics, and a solid risk management infrastructure.

Yapı Kredi Asset Management, strives to meet investors’ needs in the best way possible through a wide range of products and services including 33 mutual funds, 35 private pension funds as well as retail and corporate private asset management models in diversified asset classes designed to fit investors’ requirements and investment consultancy.In 2017, Yapı Kredi Asset Management successfully maintained its second ranking in mutual funds with a market share of 18.9% and its total assets under management reached an all-time high of around TL 21 billion.

The company’s achievements have been recognized by a number of prestigious national and international awards. Various prestigious local and global institutions awarded Yapı Kredi Asset Management as Turkey’s best asset management company in different categories in 2017.

In line with the new regulations, Yapı Kredi Asset Management will keep creating innovative solutions in 2018, as a response to the changing needs of its customers according to their risk profiles. In this direction, the company aims to further strengthen its pioneering position in the sector.

Yapı Kredi Invest

Yapı Kredi Invest is among Turkey’s leading investment houses with more than 20 years of experience in capital markets. As a 99.98% owned subsidiary of Yapı Kredi, the company effectively utilizes the Bank’s wide branch network in reaching over 129 thousand retail and corporate clients. Aiming to be a one-stop shop in delivering solutions for its customers, Yapı Kredi Invest handles a wide range of transactions ranging from domestic and international equities to sophisticated derivative products and advisory services with its 219 experienced employees.

Yapı Kredi Invest carries on to prioritize digital channels to develop simple and rapid solutions tailored to meet customer needs. Meanwhile, remaining close to customers to better satisfy their needs and support their decision making process with in-depth research remains a fundamental element of the company culture.

Yapı Kredi Invest consistently ranks amongst the top tier investment institutions vis-à-vis business volume and profitability. Despite challenging market conditions in 2017, the company maintained its leadership position in terms of net income generation, as has been the case since 2008.

In 2018, Yapı Kredi Invest will continue to offer its customers unique, high quality products tailored to meet their needs in changing market conditions to ensure sustainable growth and development. Yapı Kredi Invest will also continue to invest in its infrastructure in order to better serve the needs of its customers.

Yapı Kredi Koray Real Estate Investment Trust

Established in 1996 and 30.45% of which owned by Yapı Kredi, Yapı Kredi Koray Real Estate Investment Trust operates in both residential and commercial real estate development. The company is publicly traded in Borsa Istanbul with a market capitalisation of TL 92.8 million as of the end of 2017. In 2017, residence sales continued while rental agreements for commercial spaces finalized at Ankara Çankaya Project. The goal for 2018 is to complete all sales of the residences that are a part of the project.

Banque de Commerce et de Placements (BCP)

Established in 1963 and 31% owned by Yapı Kredi, Banque de Commerce et de Placements (BCP) is a Swiss bank headquartered in Geneva with branches in Luxembourg and Dubai. BCP offers its clients the full service range of a Swiss bank. The bank specializes in commodity trade finance, foreign trade fianance and asset management as part of its core activities, supported by treasury services and correspondent banking. In 2017, BCP carefully pursued its expansion strategy of customer base as well as commodity and geographical area diversification. At year-end, the Bank’s Tier 1 capital adequacy ratio remained strong at 15.7%.

Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik

Allianz, one of the largest insurance companies and asset management groups in the world, serves 86 million customers with over 140 thousand employees in more than 70 countries. As a company operating under Allianz Turkey, aiming to pioneer next-generation insurance with a focus on customer satisfaction and technology and to become a social brand improving the society’s life standards, Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik operates in private pension and life insurance, offering individual and corporate customers a wide range of tailored products. Allianz became the main shareholder of Yapı Kredi Pension Fund on 12 July 2013 by purchasing 80% of its shares. On 27 September 2013, the name of the company was changed to Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik. Yapı Kredi remained a 20% shareholder in the company to support its long-term strategic partnership with Allianz. As part of this successful and well-timed transaction, a 15-year exclusive bancassurance agreement was signed with Allianz. Accordingly, customers continue to benefit from insurance and private pension products through Yapı Kredi’s extensive branch network and innovative alternative delivery channels.

Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing

Established in 1984 and fully owned by Yapı Kredi, Yapı Kredi Cultural Activities, Arts and Publishing (YKKSY) is one of the most reputable culture and arts companies in Turkey. YKKSY presents important publications, cultural events and exhibitions to the society.

Based on Istiklal Street since 1964, Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Center underwent a four-year renovation until opening in September 2017 with an exhibition showcasing the Yapı Kredi Collection. The exhibition was extended by one month due to great public interest, with almost 55 thousand visitors until the end of the year. The “Helix” Exhibition presents a total of 403 artefacts including coins, sculptures, paintings, photos, and video arts.

In 2017, Yapı Kredi Publications published 256 new titles and 1,165 reprints, a total of around 5 million books. During the year, around 110 school and library events brought together an approximate 40 thousand students, teachers and librarians with authors and editors.