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Recycling Initiative

Yapı Kredi continues to implement the recycling project it launched in 2011 to maintain the sustainability of natural resources. All paper, plastic, glass and metal waste is gathered in boxes installed at head office and regional offices and is delivered to waste disposal facilities run by local government and other waste disposal centers.

In 2012,

  • A total of 888 tons of paper were recycled, which prevented 32,000 tons of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere, 15,109 trees from being cut down and 23,100 cubic meters of water from being wasted.
  • A total of 14 tons of plastic waste was recycled, which saved 195,370 kWh of electricity. This figure is equivalent to 61 tons of crude oil.
  • A total of 950 kg of glass waste was recycled, which corresponds to fuel savings of 95 liters.
  • Also, a total of 1,480 kg of metal waste was recycled, which saved nearly 26,680 liters of water from being wasted and 2,960 tons of greenhouse gases from being released to the atmosphere.